Jul 27, 2015

I'm tired of these "Realistic Depictions" = "Fat" crap!

What the Hell man!? It started with Disney Princesses... Look at Aurora... Won't point out how the bad photochopping made the prince unnaturally thin.
This is being promoted as being "normal"...
That is freaking weird. Cartoons are stylized for various reasons. Especially the Disney Princesses.

It has gotten Worse. Now they are attacking videogames because many of the heroines are Athletic and have stylized bodies... The "Normal proportions" version is simply Fatter models with smaller breasts.
No. this does not work at all. Lara is supposed to be a Female Indiana Jones, who has to outmaneuver Dinosaurs, Sharks, and even wield Meow Meow! Not to mention insane climbing skills that Rival Stallone in Cliffhanger... a Flabby Overweight Lara would not have been able to pull those stunts off.
 But what have they done to RIKKU!?
Seems that Fat Rikky got some breast augmentation as well.
It still doesn't make sense since she's the "Thief" in FFX-2 and is supposed to be lithe and agile. The excess weight would slow her down and make her a bit more awkward in her thievery.

 Last but not least, they made Tifa chunky...
Again, taking an Athletic character and making them chunky does not equal normal...

Sadly, I wasn't able to save a BATMAN ANIMATED SERIES Styled pic in which they make Batman Flabby and lose his Square jaw... FREAKING BATMAN THE ANIMATED SERIES which is super stylized... They don't even understand that it's purposely stylized...

These altered pictures are delivering a very creepy message. Being thin and athletic is wrong. Women who happen to have large breasts and sexy bodies are unrealistic... This almost reeks of "Thin-shaming".
All of these Characters (aside HALO's Cortana who is a Hologram) happen to be very athletic or super powered characters, who are not "Jane Average". I am FAT... Or a mild Husky using the Gabriel Iglesias levels of fatness scale.  My Favorite Fictional brands are Masters of the Universe and My Little Pony: friendship is magic. I'm not looking for any of those brands to alter their looks to have characters "look like me". I'm perfectly fine with He-Man being Muscular and with Twilight being a Unicorn... I tolerate the Alley Corn, but I prefer the Unicorn look.  And making ponies into humans!? WTF, man! We like the characters for what they are. Altering them in the name of Social Justice is wrong!

Oh noes... The EG will be the next target of the "Fattening for SOCJUS!!" This is just as ridiculous as trying to erase Hulk Hogan from WWF/E History... Because everyone knows that Andre the Giant stepped to the ring to prance alone in it on Wrestlemania 3.
Can't these folks come up with something original!? It's always "we don't like X Popular thing... Turn it into D so we can like it!" In these cases they're trying to make it as if being fat is OK. It's not.

I'm not in what is considered a Healthy Weight because of a poor diet and I'd rather watch TV, play videogames, write posts for the House of Rants than hitting a Gym. I COULD go to the gym, but I know I'd be wasting money on the membership. Only thing I won't do is demand to make all fictional characters fat.

Same thing with the rest of the Sock Juice folks. There are Black Characters in Comic Books that are their own characters, why change it so they are "Cheap Sock Juice approved" replacements to white characters. I mean Asgardians have freaking LADY SIF, but no... We needed a "girl Thor"... and all the stupid changes made in the name of Sock Juice. Think about it... These new Sock Juice versions will always be compared up against the Original white ciscum versions of said characters... another failure for the Sock Juice crowd.

This kind of Slacktivist stupidity pisses me off incredibly! They claim society is messed up due to Patriarchy or whatever. Instead of fighting the real fights, like those girls in certain third world countries who get splashed with acid on the face for refusing marrying against their will; they're more bothered with Spider-Man being a nerdy white boy from Queens and he should be a Lesbian Puertorrican Mulatto with maybe some Chinese in her to cover the Pandering to China.

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