Jul 19, 2015

The filmation sub-line? Does it really have any legs to stand on beyond year 1?

It's no secret that I'm not too fond of the Reduced Detail in the Filmation Sub-Line...
The question that I'm asking Myself is: Will it have the ability to survive beyond year one?
There ARE Plenty of characters to choose from...
Thing is I am worried:
There are SOME characters that NEED Their Filmation variants, but the lack of Detail on the Sub-line will make them clash with Classics. (Like Beastman or the theoretical Marzo)
Also, thinking that Mattel will reach the Plundors and Nepthus while adding certain key characters that truly need their Filmation versions.

Let's start the rant with Man-E-Faces.
The Horsemen would have to re-do him with less detail... though those thighs would lend themselves for a Marzo... (nudge, nudge, wink, wink!)I dig the Less detailed arms, because they can lend themselves for Knight-themed customs without the Trap Jaw techno bits.
The only issue I have is the Head. Filmation M-E-F has no visible dial to turn the faces. The design won't allow for the MOTUC Approach and interchangeable heads.

Mekaneck is doable with the upcoming Filmation pieces and only would need a new less detailed Armor and a New Less detailed neck. They COULD get with reusing the MOTUC Head if it wasn't for those pesky extra details on it!
I mean you could have a Filmation Mekaneck by painting the Silver bits on the side of his armor red... (If you paint them blue, you're going 200X)

People kinda want him, but at the same time he is Virtually the same thing as the MOTUC Toy sans a few Details...

Mossman is a harder to tackle figure: LOOK AT HIM!! He has pesky Studs on his belt as if he was a vintage toy or a MOTUC Figure.
Look at all that shaggy fur/vegetation on him?
How can the Horsemen tackle this? Will they sculpt a new slightly fatter buck with furgetation details? Will they flock him? will they use "Fur" like Grizzlor but in green? No matter what they do, the results will be either inaccurate or really ugly because what works in 2D doesn't work in 3D...

But wait! I've kept it purely on MOTU... What happens if they jump to POP? Let's look at one of those "in-betweeners" Snout Spout or Hose Nose. He's basically MOTUC Snout Spout with a new less detailed dopey Elephant head with cool Tusks... He'll need a new head, which I mentioned just now, Harness and boots. Everything else we have. With these 4 Heroes, we can see that there are very little changes between toy and Filmation. the one with the most drastic changes is Snout Spout with the loincloth and color palette vs. the toy.
But there is One TOY BASED Figure that Truly
deserves the Filmation Treatment and that is Fisto.

Back in 2012 Customers got the shaft when Mattycollector screwed up and sent them Sorceress Figures instead of Fistos. He'd only need a new Head, Armor and Right Hand...
The Oo-Larr Left forearm would take care of the Bare Forearm that Fisto has.
But the fist, man! Filmation's Fist had Articulation, yo! and a Vintage Styled Fisto with Articulated Fist would rock so hard.

I'll hit the tired old details needed rant once again, because some of these figures will have problems translating from cartoon to toy. If you see the hastily edited Marzo image, you can see the slight change I've been proposing. Some bit of detail on the hair/fur so it reads better as hair/fur.

But it's not the hair and furry details the only thing that worries me. Hardcore Filmation fans believe that this line will gather enough steam to reach Large beasts/steeds such as MOTUC  Battle Cat minus Fur to be true Filmation.

Part of me hopes it does because I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE!!
 I am of course talking about the Attak Trak.
I never liked the Vintage toy Attak Trak, but
 I would enjoy the "Soccer Mom Van version" of Trak. Here's where I bring up once again the Details issue:

We KINDA CAN get away with Attak Trak being Less Detailed, due to it's Van Shape...
On the Other Hand, Other Vehicles would suffer.
The Sky Sled comes to mind.
I also included a nifty pic of the MOTUC Sled vs Filmation to show you what I mean.

But the Vehicles are not only devoid of details that make them look cool. As seen with the Sky Sled. But their scale was messed up. We all know the wind raider could fit 2 people PLUS Battle Cat... Now picture that in MOTUC Scale...

How about The Dragon Walker... An impractical Vehicle that I want because of Nostalgia... There I said it.
The Vintage Toy had barely enough space for ONE Figure... Now look at the Filmation one.
He-Man Teela AND Man-at-Arms easily fit inside of it. Translate that to Classics Size and do the math on how much it'll cost.

That's not even reaching the Biggest Snout Spout in the room: Playsets. Yes, there are people demanding Filmation Playsets. We got a reveal of an amazingly ginormous Snake Mountain, and People want Mattel to do a SECOND Snake Mountain in Filmation Style, not to mention a Filmation Castle Grayskull.

The subscription for the 6 figures and Chokey the Artichoke hasn't been sold and people are saying that this will be THE Future of the brand. I get that Filmation IS the Litmus test to all things MOTU, but it's a bit premature to think that this will be the next MOTUC. We're recovering from a 7-8 year running MOTU collection with roughly 150 figures AND a Gigantic Snake Mountain was announced. I get that many are excited, but we haven't seen how well it has sold and how many Day of Sale New customers Mattel has snatched. He-Man and Skeletor won't be the litmus test for this line. Clawful is the one we should pay attention to. We do not know if the Filmation look will be THE direction going forward or if it'll be a themed mini sub for 2016 and then replaced by say a 200X mini sub for 2017. Hell, we don't know if the 2016 subs were made into two mini subs to allow for Snake Mountain to sell. 2017's Collector's choice might become a 12 figure + Large items deal and this too, so we'd have TWO Fully competing MOTU subs, and that's not counting Thundercats.

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