Dec 28, 2013

Holy 80s Inspired Insanity!!

I saw an Amazing Kickstarter a couple of hours ago... It's a movie... That will blow your socks off!

KUNG FURY!! It's Radical! It's an 80s cheesy action movie love letter, but without a bunch of old guys who were popular back then... Seriously,  it's about a Martial Artist Rogue Cop in 80s Miami fighting crime and just watch the trailer so you can see what it's all about.

These guys are about to complete their goal. I really hope they do because this looks like the 80s on steroids.
UPDATE:  They reached their goal!

Speaking of 80s tributes, what's the most popular 80s platformer character... I'll give you a hint...
Well, there's another group of people on Kickstarter who need help for a platformer game.

Default Dan is the name of the game... It's kinda like Super Mario Brothers but with a twist.

Unlike the Kung Fury campaign, this one NEEDS a LOT of help. I don't know if it'll make it or not, that is up to the people who donate and the goal is reached.

Do I need to add a Kickstarter tag?

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