Dec 26, 2013

Time of the Matt Smith is up!

Now the Doctor is Capaldi...
I mean it wasn't that long ago when Tennant went all "I don't want to go" It almost feels like he went Yesterday... but now it's the Raggedy Man who has left the TARDIS...

So, let's begin with a semi-Review of The Time of the Doctor (aka the 2013 Christmas Special)
Let me get out of the way: The episode is a sort of Love Letter to 11's fans. Silence, the Cracks in time etc. get referenced in the episode a lot.
Also, I'll let River Song do the Warning

So the episode starts with the Doctor following a message that every race in the universe seems to hear. Those races with space travel capabilities board their ships (Daleks, Cybermen, Sontarans,etc.)
Meanwhile Clara is trying to impress her family for Christmas Dinner with her made up boyfriend (the Doctor)

So, the message is apparently from Gallifrey. This message is being broadcast through the crack... on Trenzalore...
So, the Church of the Silence is trying to stop the Doctor from reaching Trenzalore because the Message from the Crack comes with a Truth Field (where no lies can be said) and the question is:
If Gallifrey reaches the Doctor and the Time Lords escape through the crack, The Time War begins anew (due to the huge Dalek Army surrounding the Planet)
So the Doctor fends off Sontarans, Cybermen, Daleks and even Weeping Angels as he grows old and we discover he is #13
Cause the Warrior (John Hurt) and Handy (The pseudo Regeneration by 10 when he lost his hand) apparently now count.
He stood at Trenzalore, defending a town named Christmas from these attacks (Including from a Wooden Cyberman)
The Daleks took over most of the Church and turning the people into Daleks... Cause you can't never have enough Daleks.
The Doctor is STILL Fighting and is super Old... He's so old that he almost looks like a Hybrid of 11 and 1.

Clara (who has been jumping in and out of the timeline thanks to the Doctor sending her to Earth and she returning stubbornly) pleads with the Time Lords to help the Doctor. So, they give him a freebie.

The New Regeneration destroys the Dalek ship and stops the Daleks. It wasn;t a Regeneration what stopped the Daleks. It was a Pre-Regeneration so we could have a Matt Smith minus Old-Man prosthetic makeup giving a sappy speech (with a Cameo by Amy Pond) before he became CAPALDI!!
The End...

Now, my thoughts on the episode are:
-They could have made a 4-parter episode with the story they had, but they compressed a lot of it with the "passage of time" in order to fit the 85 Minute format.
-This one will sound funny if we read what I said above, but it felt like the episode was dragged too long and was a tad repetitive.
-Capaldi needed more screentime... I know that new Regenerations get little time on screen in order to make you watch the next episode, but I felt that the pre-regeneration to Younger Matt before the actual regeneration was a bit too much.
-I'm starting to dislike "The Impossible girl" (Here's hoping that 12 ditches her for a new companion)

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