Dec 27, 2013

Pinkie Pie is getting Some Weird Competition

By Weird I mean Weird Al Yankovic Style!! Yes, Fillies and Gentlecolts, Weird Al, (Transformers animated he was Wreck Gar) is coming to Ponyville as a Rival to Pinkie Pie...
But Weird Al in MLP, NEEDS a Weird Al song in MLP!!

Apparently, this episode has a song if a Mysterious tweet by one of the show's writers is to be believed.

Seriously, Weird Al being some sort of Rival for Pinkie Pie is all sorts of awesome!!

Also, Pinkie Pie may be related to a certain Redneck... The pic I linked was semi-inspired by somebody I know!!

Seriously, this season has TWO Pinkie episodes... There's a Rainbow Dash Episode and Finally, a Worst Pony Episode...

I hope that Cheese Sandwich is popular enough to get a toy... WEIRD AL Pony toy...

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