Dec 8, 2013

The Not so Suite Life of Zack vs Joe Jonas... and other stuff!

The Newest Disney Channel alumn feud is full of testosterone, cause there's ZERO females involved here!

Jonas made some comments to  New York Magazine, blaming Miley and Demi as the ones that introduced him to weed, how Disney is evil and how the Jonas Brothers were terrified of the Mouse eared Mafia. He was 17 when he first smoked weed... Miley was what? 14?
Big bad 17 Year old boy pressured to smoke weed by 2 girls who were 14 years old...

I love how he complains that he had to "shave every day in order to pretend he was a 16 year old."
Um, that's part of the contractual obligation when you're acting on a show. While you ARE NOT the character, you still PLAY the character and any  drastic changes in your image have to be consulted with the show's people. Normally a 16 year old won't have a scruffy beard. So, it makes sense thar you cannot grow a beard while you're working on the show. I once had toshave my head for a gig. I wanted to let my hair grow so badly, but I couldn't. I had to  Have a Mr. Clean-esque bald head for a month. It was part of the job and I had to comply. Some places have dress codes... Acting on TV shows movies and plays require some extra attention BEYOND a dress code.

In the end Jonas ended up sounding like a little bitch.

Throwing girls under the bus (Miley, Demi, Taylor Swift), being afraid of the Mouse because he would take away his career if he didn't dance to the Mouse's beat... Seriously? Wasn't he like, part of a Band or something? IF the Mouse turned them down, I'm sure others would've taken them.

So, after that article began to float on the web, people went to Dylan Sprouse's Tumblr...
Where Mr. Sprouse calls on the Jonas Bullshit. And Holy crap! I have to side with the former Danimals kid!

Truth be told, I would have probably done the same thing as the Jo-Bro If I had been in his shoes... but without the whole whining afterwards and I would never admit the whole "Miley made me smoke weed" thing. But then again, if he didn't believe in the potential he and his bandmates/brothers had, then it's completely justified how they "stifled their creativity" in order to "rake in the cash".

Hillary Duff, Raven, The Sprouse Twins, Selena Gomez, Emily Osment and many others did not turn out as desperate people needing help. Like the piece of Poultry above... (I got to stop summoning the Twerkey) and Demi who had a meltdown (hence the evolution of Sonny with a Chance into So Random!)

Guess who's coming back to Arrow?

Guess I cannot tell you...

OK, this is ridiculously funny in a "I can't believe the horrible timing of this!" kind of way.

OK, so now you know the show... Here's the thing that made people wince, groan and feel angry:

T H E ##S T #N D
T H E ##R###S

In all fairness, the episode was taped LONG before that event happened. It was just aired at an awkward date.

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