Dec 6, 2013

Firing Neitlich good idea or bad idea?

Cyber Monday  Geoblock-gate... (I'm pronouncing it like Geoduck cause it sounds cuter than the normal Geo as in Geography) happened and there's a few people that have gone Queen of Hearts...

Their Target: Scott "Toyguru" Neitlich. I understand their rage and frustration... I was Geoblocked as well. The thing is that Mattycollector and Digital River have had a long tale of disaster after disaster. People GET FED UP WITH THIS CRAP! and want some real resolution. Neitlich is the easiest target, due to his Manager Status and basically being the Public Face of Matty Collector (that doesn't have to wear the Matty Costume)

Firing Toyguru won't Solve ANYTHING. Sure some of his answers regarding issues are simply:

and oh how I love to rant about those!!
Thing is that regarding THIS Particular issue, he's going with whatever Digital River has told him.
And Digital River isn't well loved by many people... Ask the Ni No Kuni fans... They got Digital River'd! This is the same Digital River that told me that they NEVER SHIP To Puerto Rico...  But they do... except when I'm Geoblocked... like last Monday! So, if Mattel (or in this case Scott Neitlich) gets some BS excuse from Digital River, then he can only parrot the answer they gave him. then we call the answers BS and the cycle is complete...

So... We take Scott Neitlich out of the equation... We fixed Nothing. Digital River will screw up... Look at the Ni No Kuni issue. That was with Namco Bandai, not Mattel. They did not have Scott Neitlich and Digital River STILL MANAGED TO Screw it up!

Now, Let's Take Scott Neitlich out of the equation again... Remember DCUC? that Line that Scott Neitlich was involved with, but then he was replaced by Fangirl 2.0
I know this is going to sound like I'm throwing Fangirl 2.0 under the bus... but she was pretty much useless compared to Toyguru... To the point that they "pushed her to Superman so Neitlich could come back and try to salvage the DC Line. While she had a bit more Tact than Toyguru and her answers weren't as Facepalm worthy, She was almost invisible... compared to Toyguru...

Right now we're at the "Last 2 years of MOTUC"  (almost the same position that DCUC was when they brought in FG2.0) and do we really need a new manager at this stage of the game?
Changing Managers this late in the game is a stupid move.

Better the devil You know and all that...

It would be easier to shut down Neitlich's pet Project after moving him to other stuff, than put someone else who has to "learn" how MOTUC works (4Horsemen, Digital River, the rabid fanbase, etc.) So, allowing Neitlich to ride this pony till the end is the most sensible thing. Keeps some awareness of the brand while the movie is stuck in Development Hell. Gave Mattel a library of pieces to create some commemorative figures in future years, etc.

Love him or hate him, Scott Neitlich IS NEEDED for this line to continue (at least until the end of the 2015 wrap-up) Sure, he may have shoved us Nepthu, his own Spector and Geoff Johns' Sir-Loser-Lot, but on the other hand we somehow ended up with Adora, Queen Marlena,Shadow Weaver, we'll get Madam Razz Next year... Not sure how far was Scott's involvement in getting these characters but we got them... Changing the manager at this stage would be moronic.

So, to answer my own question, firing Neitlich is a bad idea. Because he's the Manager MOTU deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So, we'll hunt him, because he can take it. Because he's not our Manager. He's a silent guardian. A watchful protector. A Dark Knight... or something...


  1. Scooter Neitlich is not needed. With the way Heman org is built, you have free marketing and free surveys out the ass. Put the 4Hoursemen in charge and have them hire Emiliano as an advisor. Case closed. Scooter is a ladder climbing corporate lackey.

  2. Finally, the jackass has left the building. However, the damage has been done. Too little too late I'm afraid.

  3. I wanted to avoid revisiting this subject after he left, but I guess that seeing two replies to this topic; I've no choice.

    I still stand that firing him on 2013 would have been a bad idea. With him leaving in 2014 and 15 "set in stone", the New Manager has very little to "play with" (Which could be good or bad, only time will tell). The only REAL THING we have to look for is Life for MOTU after 2015. The only thing I am truly happy about Neitlich not being involved with MOTU is that there is a sliver of hope for the end of the "Santalucia Embargo" that the Guru enforced.

    The real reason I wanted Neitlich to ride the MOTUC train till the end is simple: Now it'll be harder to determine what was "guru's" work vs "New Manager's" work.