Dec 13, 2013

Venom and Sinister Six Spin-Offs... Really?

Oh Sony... Methinks you're biting off more than you can chew. Rhino, Electro, and the Not So Green Goblin... there were hints at the Six in the trailer and getting them for 3 might be a pain... Fitting Ock (Who should have been a villain on his own movie), Kraven, (who should have been in the same movie AS the Lizard) Vulture (OK Vulture is a bit easier to fit in as a "minor villain") Sandman, who cannot carry a movie on his own (as seen on Sam Raimi's Tobey-Man 3) and Mysterio... Who COULD carry a movie on his own, but it would be trippy as hell.

Seriously, if you're setting up a Sinister Six Movie, you should have, I don't know BEGAN THE FIRST MOVIE WITH ONE-TWO Origins of the Six... Perhaps, have Otto Octavius as one of the scientists at Oscorp (as much as I hate having Oscorp being the center of the universe, that would have been a nice nod to the fans.) Have Lizard as the Villain, while Kravinoff acting as a moderate nuisance...
Seriously, Manu Bennett could Pull a Kick-ass Kraven... Though if Oded Fehr bulks up a bit, he could pull it too!

Oh crap! No... They are making their own Six... Electro, Rhino, Not Green Goblin, Lizard, the hints of Vulture and Ock... Aw Hell no! Norman Osborn/Goblin is not and should NEVER BE a Member of the Sinister Six. Especially if there is an Otto Octavius in that team.

Before anyone DARES to mention the "Ultimate crappyverse" and how there the Goblin was a member and that this movie takes cues from that lame-ass Universe... I'll Let Mark answer this.

Thanks Mark! Maybe later we can play some football ha haha!

Yes, I know that this movie is taking cues from the inferior Ultimate Universe, but this is going to be a bad case of cramming TOO Much stuff into one movie. Because think about it... Sinister 6 Plus One other project that I've tried to ignore...

Venom... No Matter what version of the suit they make: Alien Symbiote or lame-ass Cancer suit, in order to make venom you need:
1 Peter Parker
1 Black Suit

Take the Peter Parker, Put it in the Black Suit then have him dump the suit like you'd dump an overly attached girlfriend...

Come on! No pics?

Ah, there we go! So once we do, that we attach the suit into a poor sucker... Preferably an Eddie Brock... Because Doing Venom Minus Spider-Man is like Making a Bizarro movie WITHOUT Superman.

So, For Amazing Spider-Douche 3 we have: Sinister Six and Possibly Black Suit.

SO, you can do the math here...

Third movie in a series with Multiple Villains
AND A Black suit... Nothing can come wrong out of that winning Combination...


Then after all that, we get the Venom Movie... Oh no... Lethal Protector...

Be afraid, be VERY AFRAID!!!

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