May 12, 2010

It came from the Toy Chest: It came from the 80s dude!

Today's It came from the Toy Chest is kind of a blast from the past.
So let me get some music to set the mood.

Ah memories of a simpler time, back when Uncle Phil was evil and There was no Twilight or Hannah Montana... (Jem was phasing out of the scene, and we all know what I think about HM being a Jem rip-off) but I'm not here to talk about Jem or Hannah Montana... I'm here to talk about Playmates Toys 25th Anniversary TMNT Toys.

We all know that Hasbro released a new GI Joe toyline with new sculpt and Articulation to celebrate GI Joe's 25th Anniversary. Mattel started the MOTUC in 2008 to celebrate MOTU's 20 something (26-28 ish.) Well Here are the brand new toys that Palymates released to Shellebrate the TMNT's 25th

What the SHELL!? You've got to be ****ting me!
Yup! They went the easy way out and rereleased the 80s toys. Rumor has it that Peter Laird, co-creator of the TMNT was a against the release of hyper articulated Old Toon characters (Mostly cause he hates the Old Toon)... that sucks... so Playmates did the "next best thing". The card art is not the same but it's reminiscent of the old card art. I guess you noticed the Free DVD sticker. Only the Turtles have them (and not all of them) Lemme' open up these suckas and get on with the review.

Here they're opened up and ready:
If I go by my standard rating system these guys would be doomed. These toys have not aged well.
I have to do what I have to do: As always 1 = waste of plastic and 5 = The Holy Grail of toys.

Articulation: The 4 Turtles have 7 Points of Articulation. 1 more point compared to vintage MOTU so 80s 5 is a 2010 1.5

Paint and sculpt: at first sight it looks like the Turtles have the same sculpt, but that's not true. They DO share parts and the only part they have in common is the shell. (This part might be more elaborate because of the subtle differences in sculpt.)
Raphael and Michelangelo's right leg is the same. Leonardo, Donatello and Raphael's left leg share the same sculpt. (Michelangelo is the only one with a slightly raised left foot.)
The right Arm "type 1" is shared by Don and Mike. While "type 2" is shared by Leo and Raph.
The Left Arm "type 1" is shared by Raph and Don. While Mike and Leo share "type 2". Mike has a brand new Left Hand.
Obviously they don't share Headsculpts or belts. Each belt has places to put away the weapons. Donatello has a small "pouch" on his left side to hold his Shuriken. Raphael has a special piece in the back to hold the "Pizza looking push dagger" (Katara).
I'm impressed with the amount of detail these "vintage" toys have. The very minimalistic paint job is very 80s.
They get an 80s 5 that translates into a 3.5 in 2010
Accessories: Ok here we go!
EACH Turtle comes with:
A "free" DVD featuring one TMNT Episode. (But since not all of them bring it I will not count this on the score)
2 Standard (as in the ones they're known to use on the toon and games) Weapons (2 Katanas for Leo, 2? Bo Staffs for Don, 2 Sai for Raph and 2 Nunchucks for Mikey.) Warning the Nunchucks warp easily and are just as prone to breaking as in the 80s!
2 5-point Shuriken.
1 Katara (The Pizza Looking Push Knife)
1 Kama (The weird "r" looking thing that is supposed to be a ninja sickle.)
1 weird 3 point Short Kunai/Katara looking pointy thing.

The Plastic thingie that held all the weapons in package is ACTUALLY a weapons rack... not just wasted plastic. I figured that out 20 years later... So we've got: 8 accessories. In the 80s this would get a 5 and that translates to a 3.5 in 2010 mostly because the accessories lack much needed paint apps. (I never liked the brown weapons especially the blades.)
Scores: in the 80s these guys would be a 5. Now in 2010 these guys are... a 2.83
I found them each for $7.79 about two dollars more expensive than the cost of the vintage toys back then... (The DVD kinda balances everything.) Incredibly enough those "vintage TMNT" toys are on par with Playmates current TMNT offerings. (The newer have slightly better artic, but crappier sculpt.) Such a shame that the NECA TMNT line was canned. Hopefully the new Viacom TMNT acquisition will bring better TMNT Toys...

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