May 28, 2010

odds and ends May 28 2010

Phillip Drummond's lost another child.
What'choo talkin' 'bout,Nefty?
First, Kimberly Drummond died and now Arnold is dead. So now the Drummond fortune would have to be divided between Willis and Sam (Mr. Drummond's stepson), as soon as Mr. Drummond passes away.

Holy sparkling crap Batman! Taylor Lautner must be pissed off right now...
Rob Pattinson and Kirsten Stewart are taking this Twilight crap too far.
The real Renesmee might be coming... I wonder if Edward went through the couch jumping routine as well?

Just Picture Mr. Sparkles instead of crazy tom.

Saw Prince of Persia. Not going to get on the whitewashing controversy, since the videogame prince rarely looks "Persian". It's not a faithful adaptation of the Sands of Time game. It has nods to the Sands of Time gameplay and the story has some similarities, but Hollywoodized up to a point that it barely resembles the game. They even include a comedic sidekick... no it's not a monkey.

This prince looks like Luke Skywalker... Who I'm pretty sure is not Persian.

Wait what? Celebrity drunk and most likely candidate to be a has-been Lindsay Lohan wants a Chanel alcohol tag. So you did the crime, they're giving you a better option to do the time and you still complain!? Just because you were in Herbie: Fully Loaded does not make you any better than any other drunk. In fact, this request makes you look more ridiculous. Point is, the Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor also known as SCRAM is a reminder of the evils of overdrinking. It's supposed to stick out like a sore thumb...

Oh my gah! Diet Coke and Mentos guys strike back, now with a rocket car... coming soon!!

Science is fun...

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