May 27, 2010

Change...Good or bad?

Many times things change. Sometimes is good, sometimes is bad. New Coke (as in Coca~Cola, not cocaine...)
This is a limited time Special Edition Twix. Triple Chocolate... I LOVE Chocolate, so this must be a match made in heaven... not so much. It didn't taste chocolaty enough to be triple chocolate and it tasted nothing similar to a Twix bar.
Sometimes when reinventing the wheel people lose sight of what made the wheel so appealing.
Let's take for example one of my favorite videogame series of All Time:

The Legend of Zelda.

Now look at its sequel... WTF!? Now it's a 2d side-scroller!? Zelda 3 went back to Zelda 1 format... Don't get me wrong, Zelda II is a good game on its own, but it was too far ahead of its time. and the "Link has Lives" didn't help it either.

It wasn't until Ocarina of time in which the best of both worlds... (No it's not a Hannah Montana Reference... she is dead...) as I was saying Ocarina of Time combined Elements of Previous Zelda games and made a Super Zelda game. The change wasn't good at first, but it allowed for a better game in the end.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

See the first game, now look at the sequel a NES port of this...
In this case, Change was good.

Change is something that we must look at on a case by case basis. If things never changed they would be stale... Megaman I am looking at you... but when there too many changes and you miss the mark then that is bad as well. Speaking of Change. It's unbelievable how I've ranted without mentioning the MARIO CONSPIRACY... crap! now I did..
Super Mario Bros. 2 is not Super Mario Bros. 2

I shall show you Super Mario Bros. 2

This is the SMB 2 that you know... Right?

This IS Super Mario Bros. 2 aka Mario from Hell... Basically a Harder SMB game...
So where the hell did the SMB 2 that I know of came from?

Doki Doki Panic... Weird huh? So here which is the best, the change of turning a non-Mario game into a Mario game or keeping in with rehashing the first game?
You figure that one out for yourself. In the mean time enjoy this guy playing the Metal Gear Solid theme on a Legend of Zelda Ocarina

I prefer the Mariofication of Doki Doki Panic

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