Dec 21, 2018

It came from the toy chest: We seriously NEED a Johnny Cage...

not mine
I am finally reviewing Goro...

Because Mortal Kombat, bitches!

Goro, Prince of the Shokan, undefeated Champion of Mortal Kombat... All he needs is one more victory before Earthrealm becomes absorbed by Outworld.

He was defeated in Mortal Kombat. He came back a few times until he died in Armageddon and the timeline was reset. I mention this because this is Klassic Goro.

He's got the Standard Storm Collectibles Articulation... but with 2 extra arms.

Paint and Sculpt:
He Looks and feels like Klassic Goro. If you want an Honest to The Elder Gods MK1 Goro, just remove the bracelets. His paintjob is pretty sweet. Especially on his back. Tiny nitpick his Ponytails don't want to stay on his head.

8 extra hands
Extra head
Extra Ponytail
2 Fireballs
Stand for Fireball
We really need Johnny Cage!


OK, so Goro got a 5.0 as his final score. What can I say about him. He IS an AMAZING Figure. We also have an idea on how Kintaro will look like.

did I mention he is HUGE?

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