Dec 24, 2018

It Came from the Toy Chest: Shocker... NOT THAT SHOCKER!!

not mine
I'm talking about the one that wears a huge yellow and brown quilted uniform so he can be padded against the vibrations coming out of his wrist gauntlets... Oh God! I made it worse!!
I mean Herman Schultz! Marvel Villain, mainly has a thing with Spidey.

He's often used as a jobber or an underling to a bigger boss.

Shocker: I don't think so, Webhead! I upgraded my shock units
to make them more powerful and irritating to the symbiote!

He has a decent range of articulation here. Good enough for Shocker.

Paint and sculpt:
They painted the pins on his legs but not his arms. His Quilting is not sculpted, but painted on. Heck even his belt is painted... At least they sculpted the kneepads and gauntlets. Oh yeah he reuses the Cyke buck...


BAF Piece
shock effects (same as Silver surfer)


Shocker gets a Shocking 3.5 as his final score, which isn't bad... He needs to be 20% cooler....

Spidey:, Miss Watson; what's your favorite?
MJ: *blushes* The Shocker...
Shocker: I'm someone's favorite villain? Wow! I feel
so honored!
Spidey: Herman, we're not talking about supervillains...
Shocker: Oh... Oh! Well looks like I'm hitting Home Depot and
buy 6 feet of rope...
Nefty: Wow... this got Really dark here!

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