Dec 30, 2018

SoulCalibur VI Season pass thoughts...

I caved in and got the Season pass. Hey! I wanted my Sy-Klone to have his 200X hula hoop! I got Tira, 2B, and a few random Create a Soul parts.

People have speculated that the next two DLC characters are Cassandra and Amy IF these rumors are true, then I am disappointed.
Amy and Cassandra have fighting styles too similar to Raphael and Sophitia. I know that ypu will throw on my face my desire to have Rock, but it's mostly due to the "MOTUness"  of his outfits. My gripe is that this is like adding Charlie and Ken when you have Guile and Ryu.

No real new weapon souls added like in Tira or 2B's cases.
A slight movement variety is OK, but, folks like Hwang or Yun-Seong who bring forth different moves and weapons to the game.
Back to Rock, whole similar in some aspects to Astaroth, his weapons are mostly maces, instead of axes. Some of his parts could help make some interesting CaS...
Seems that Lizardman has an axe with shield in the game, so he could be another DLC.

So, where was I? If Cassandra and Amy are the new Characters, they don't bring THAT much to the table.
We then have the new CAS parts... we're getting 50 parts first...
50 new parts kinda sounds like a lot, but let's do Math!

Here's how a body for a CAS is dressed:
Head: hats, Helmets, etc.
Face: Masks, glasses, etc.
Underwear: self explanatory
2 layers for torso:
One layer has some of the thinner armors/shirts
The second has bandoliers, thicker armor, or bulkier outfits.
2 layers for the lower body:
One has the thinner pants and lower leg armors
The second layer has belts, faulds, or skirts
2 layers for the feet:
One is mostly socks and bandages
The second is mostly greaves, boots, and other footwear.
We also have the shoulders, which is mostly pauldrons
We have the hands, which is gloves and arm armor.
We have the neck for capes, wings, necklaces, scarves, etc.
Finally the accessory slots.
13 categories and 50 parts... that's about 3.84 full outfits (assuming the outfits have pieces in all categories)
It could be even kess if we count HAIRSTYLES as additional parts.
That's not counting whatever Cassandra and Amy bring to the table.

Buuut it's not all Doom and Gloom here... When I got the season pass with bith Tira and 2B, some curious new pieces showed up...
One of the new pieces added is a book... a book that if flipped horizontally, reveals a pattern similar to an Iron Cross. He-Man now looks more He-Manly in Soul Calibur VI.
Assuming the uocoming parts are more era appropriate and not Modern era outfits like the Japanese schoolgirl swimsuit, then it would be a win.

So far, I'm feeling closer to ripped off more than anything.

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