Dec 15, 2018

It Came from the Toy Chest: More Wade... This time he's an "X-Man"...

Or so he claims...

Whoa! Hold it right there, Tubby! I'm an X-Man! READ MY SHIRT!

Just because you wrote X-Men on it doesn't make you an X-Man. Nor stealing a Training Uniform and Cyclops's Gloves and boots!

But I even have an X- Belt...Nope! Still not an X-Man... Heck! I even have an expert... Fellow Countryman of yours and he's inside you... short angry and Stabby. He said: "Wade ain't an X-Man, bub!" Now shall I continue with the Review?

OK, so Deadpool disguised as an X-Man is that... a Filler Figure of the Sauron Wave. The only good thing about him is the Madcap head and hat...


Search your feelings, you know it to be true.
Wade is in a familiar body, Kaine's... and he can do whatever a Spider can, which means more articulation than normal Deadpools!

Paint and Sculpt:
The dark blue paint at the edges where his torso was sonic welded together has rubbed off. Other than that he looks fine! The rsude of the Kaine body gives wade a sleeker appearance, while keeping his bigger than Spider-Man body.
He's most likely pure reuse, aside the new Madcap Head and Hat... Wonder if this is a hint...

Overused Katanas
Madcap hat
Madcap Head

This Wade gets a 4.5 as his score, which is Pretty Decent for a Filler Figure. I don't think he'll end up on my shelf, unless I use him as Placeholder Madcap mocking DP.

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