Dec 27, 2018

Noelle Stevenson is afraid of He-Man... Good!

She is choosing to stick with She-Ra... (Shame that she isn't leaving her alone as well.)
She finds He-Man too "challenging" for her. So for now he is safe. I make emphasis on for now, because whether a Mattel, or Dreamworks decision could still force her to have He-Man in it.

I find the whole "He-Man being Challenging" thing absolute crap! Think about this:
What she is doing to Adora is LITERALLY ripping off the Neitlichverse and replacing Adam with Adora.

Adam is the spoilt prince living a sheltered life who is FORCED to take Responsibility when he is chosen as the bearer of the Power Sword.

Adam is a goofball... Before gaining the power and after carrying the burden of He-Man (It's a bit of an act, but the core Adam is a goofball in a position of power) He is the one who CAN AFFORD to act irresponsible, seeing that the Royal House of Eternos IS THE STATUS QUO. Adam as He-Man defends the Status quo from a Rebellion lead by the Tyrant Skeletor.

Adora, sheltered, but raised in a Highly Militaristic environment, is supposed to be a no-nonsense pragmatic person... One whose life got flipped turned upside down and now has to "redeem herself" from the "sins of her 'father'".

Yet, Noelle Stevenson's Adora behaves far more Adam-like than Adam.
Adam is the one who would freak out because of a HORSEY!! Not Adora.

But I can see the "Challenge" Noelle would face if she's FORCED to bring Adam/He-Man to the mix. Since Adora has Adam's personality, then Adam would have to be the no nonsense tough guy who WILL BE SEEN AS PROBLEMATIC by Noelle and Company. "Toxic Masculinity" yadda yadda... And I'm pretty sure that Mattel wouldn't risk having her mischaracterize He-Man as a bumbling moron, because that's entirely theirs and not She-Ra whose creation was closely tied to Filmation. (with Dreamworks currently owning the rights)

Want to know a secret? The more difficult one to write is She-Ra. Think about it. Stories of Redemption with a character who is a proverbial "fish out of water" are harder to write than Teen Protagonist hero story. But for now we can rest easy knowing that Adam/He-Man won't be tainted.

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