Dec 22, 2017

It came from the Toy Chest: 💀 💩 L

As you could see in the Phoenix review, 💀💩 L is here. Who is he let me-
No, no no, Nefty's, you're doing it all wrong! Let me do it!
I am Deadpool, the awesomeness Superbowl in the Marvel Universe and the real reason why Disney bought Fox. I was played by Canada's most prized possession right after the angry midget with shabby issues. I'm talking about Van Wilder himself, Ryan Reynolds, which totally has boosted my sex appeal. Chicks and dudes love diving in the Deadpool... The
D is for... What do you mean I can't make that joke!?  Everyone knows I'm talking about having tons of exsay. OK, I'll do it the nerdy way. Wade Wilson was a man who was hit by El Cancer and he underwent a process that gave him Wolverine's healing factor in steroids, with the side effect of looking like Freddy Kruger's scrotum. Wade either went insane or supersane and became the most badass mercenary with enough sense of humor to define the differences in each My Little Pony generation as he murders a room full of Yakuza. Was that good enough for you, Neffy?
Dude, only Tara Strong gets to call me that!
Hey! I think you're doing this all wrong! The yellow boxes come from one of the voices in my head...
They council me they understand they talk to me and all that. I needed to make sure I could filter what ended up on the page... So, I'm using Telepathy thanks to a Charles Xavier. The 1992 animated version. I have no budget for Sir Patrick Stewart or James McAvoy. Can I get to the review now? Or do I get the Will Friedle version of you?
One million dollars

Deadpool's articulation is ML standard...
By that he means this is the bestest toy ever that does whatever a Deadpool can.
Actually, no. While he has a decent range of articulation, he isn't perfect.
More guns than

Paint and Sculpt:
This is a recent take on Deadpool and I'm surprised we didn't get the Ryan Reynolds outfit.
After Barakapool, no one wants to think of a Ryan Reynolds Sculpt for Deadpool, even if the movie was amazeballs... Mostly because Deadpool!! And OK, Van Wilder himself was useful too.
Eat you heart out
Oliver Queef!

As I was saying. The paint job on the figure is very nice. No visible slop on the figure and the paint job is detailed enough... For a Hasbro figure. There is black plastic on his forearms...
Grown-ass Mutate Freaking Deadpool
Fighting freaking cancer
Healing factor!

Let's see... Wade? Will you join in and discuss your instruments of lethality?
Let's see: There's Standby McStabberson, There's Slicey and Dicey, the Katana Rama duo. There's the Capital of Thailand final weapon for Resident Evil... I have  le petit ami que vivís dites bonjour à... Then we have the Wedding Planner of shotgun weddings. Then we have Lara's second best twins... Oh I almost forgot... Taco Bell! Taco Bell! My sharts are fueled by Taco Bell! 
Also he has an alternative head that looks like a cheap Spawn knockoff.
🐍 Eater

Mr. Wilson and it's not Slade gets a...4.66
As his final sco- What are you doing?
Since I don't like that score, I'm going to unalive you and make myself the perfect Figure...
I say 🌮 they
say 🌮!

That doesn't work that way... You are a fictional character that I'm giving a voice to in order to spice up this review. You can't kill me! And since this is text you can't see me doing the U can't See me taunt. This is why I need a much bigger budget and electric power.

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