Dec 28, 2017

It came from the Toy Chest: Peter Cullen's voice: The bootleg toy

I tried to get a legit Optimus Prime, but only the Bayformers version was available... Since I am all about GeeWun4Lyfe, I chose a bootleg replica of the Masterpiece 10 Convoy. The Knockoff figure had no box... And no instructions, so Figuring out how to transform him and the trailer was scary... Not transforming Apollyon scary but very close to that. (Especially opening the trailer for Base mode.)
Now who IS Optimus Prime? He's like the Robot Jesus...

Spike: and then Optimus
recovered his senses after
hearing Bumblebee's beautiful
Prime and B.bee: Bwahaha!!
Prime has a decent range of articulation and that's without counting the transformation points of articulation. His transformation can be a bit scary at times... This applies to trailer too.

Paint and Sculpt:
His sculpting is based on the MP-10 Prime. He resembles his cartoon counterpart and keeps the transformation gimmick of the Transformer toys. Most of him is molded in the appropriate colors and the paint job is decent for a bootleg. He also has vac metal parts... Bleh!

Trailer/repair and attack base
Spike Witwicky
Energon Axe
Matrix of Leadership

5.0 is what Bootleg Prime gets. He can stand and Apollyon can fall... (Saw MP-36 MEGATRON and it makes Apollyon look bad)

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