Dec 24, 2017

It came from the Toy Chest: Save Robomartha!!!

And that's a reference to a Bayformers movie... Bayformers V: Having Marky Mark score with the British Megan Fox. I am of course talking about Bumblebee... And I mean the Real Bumblebee...

Masterpiece Bumblebee is based on his G1 counterpart... GeeWun4Lyfe! Which means he's a slug bug damage inducing transformer. He also comes with a Witwicky in an exosuit... Oh it's Daniel... Wait if it is Daniel, why is he with Bumblebee and not with Arcee or Ot Rod? But according to a few Transformers sites it's supposed to be Spike... If it's Spike it makes sense.

Bumblebee has a lot of articulation. It's used for posing AND Transformation. His transformation is rather intuitive and is easy to figure out without the instructions. (I'd recommend using the instructions the first two transformations. Bee is capable of doing various poses. His clunky shape due to him being a VW limit some poses.

Paint and Sculpt:
He looks very G1-ish. He is very close to the cartoon version as possible while maintaining the Transformation gimmick. The paint is rather nice and it's enjoyable to see that the paint applications are crisp in order to keep the Automobile look feasible.

Spare tire in cover, removable license plate, blaster and a Witwicky in an exosuit.
I know what you're thinking... What about Witwicky? I'm not a fan of the exosuit Witwicky. I'd prefer normal Witwicky as seen with MP-10 Optimus Prime. But Exosuit Witwicky is stuck on the suit. He can't be removed and he can't look up, which is needed for his transformation.
Prime: I love your voice Bumblebee
Please say it for me one more time...
Bumblebee: Now I know and knowing
is half the battle Gee Eye Joooooeeeeee!!

Bumblebee gets a 5.0 as his final score. Hory Shet... I have a true blue Transformers Masterpiece... Apollyon is a third party figure that "plays with" Transformers Masterpiece. Prime is a Chinese knockoff that may be using molds from the MP-10 Prime (so, to this day and age I still do not own a true Optimus Prime... And yes, Knockoff Prime will come out the toy chest after Christmas or New year.) I LOVE BUMBLEBEE because he looks like my Childhood Bumblebee and has nothing to do with the Actual Cannibal, Shia LaBeouf or Marky Mark.

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