Dec 18, 2017

It came from the toy chest: from a certain point of view

Old man Ben Kenobi: Force Ghost version... Exclusive to Walgreens... What was I doing at a Walgreens? I'll say hunting for exclusives, that Sue Richards eludes me.

So this is basically the dead Obi Wan who tells Luke to use the force and that appears in Endorsement after the empire falls and the force ghosts of Yoda and Anakin (or Mannequin) Skywalker appear in harmony.

I guess, his articulation is similar to normal Obi Wan, but I'd need to have one to compare.
No, Luke! She's your sister!
Although, that's kinda hot...
From a certain point of view.

Paint and Sculpt:
He has translucent pieces and the non translucent parts have a pearl-like finish. The stones are see-through. It's obvious that this is a redeco of Obi Wan.
The robe is a bit weird, but looks better on pics than in person.

Force Ghosts have nothing, unless we count the robe. And no, a ghostly lightsaber, while cool it's not Canon. Methinks this should've been a two-pack with ghost Yoda.

Obi Wan gets a 4.25 as his final score. I kinda want an Anakin Force Ghost and Yoda too...

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