Dec 12, 2017

It came from the Toy Chest: One for JJJ!

Marvel Select... The only times I've got figures from them usually involves compatibility with Marvel Legends. Thanks, Mephisto come to mind. Uatu too, but I was never able to find him and aftermarket prices are insane!
What a moron!
Quick, change
the channel!
He's right behind
me isn't he?

I got myself a Spider-man, mostly because MS are in the 7" scale... And guess what other Toylines I collect happen to be in THAT SCALE?
Won't explain who is Spider-man because we've had plenty of movies that do that already... And the TV series with Promotion as Spidey.

The Articulation is similar to that of Hasbro, but no ab crunch. I put him through my essential Spidey Pose test (web yo-yo, MVC stance, trademarked Spidey Pose) he can almost pull the poses but falls slightly short.

Paint and Sculpt:
The Sculpt is MS Standard, which is pretty good. The webbing on his outfit is etched, which means that aside other Spidey figures, these parts won't see reuse. The paint is nice, aside one of the accessories.

-6 extra hands
-extra Parker head
-Mask removed
I kinda wish the camera strap was articulated, because as it is now, it's useless.
And maybe if he had gotten some webs.

Spidey gets a 4.66 as his final score. It's not a bad score, but it would've been better if his articulation had a bit more range.

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