Dec 19, 2017

It came from the Toy Chest: Wonk ouy naht noitceffa erom deen I

That's the power of the non-existent Keyblade. For some reason, the Walgreens exclusive Diamond Select Sora comes with no Keyblade. Borrowed Mickey's for the review. (His will come soon enough.)
Who is Sora? Well he's this kid who can use a Keyblade, which is a sword-like weapon. (I think it's more like a club, due to the lack of edges) that is used to defeat the Heartless and to lock or unlock world's. He hangs out with Goofy and that god-damned duck who refused to heal me in a timely manner.
He is also voiced by Haley Joel Osment. Whose Rise to popularity catchphrase has been overused here at the house of rants worse than Nanomachines in MGS4.

He's got plenty, but the range is ultra limited. I tried some key Sora poses and he failed both.

Paint and Sculpt:
He doesn't look like Sora. He looks like an Americanized Sora. Other than that, the Sculpt is decent. Paint wise, I have no complaints

Nothing, zilch, nada, the big goose egg.
He needed A Keyblade... Any Keyblade would've sufficed.
Sora gets a 2.33 due to his lack of Keyblade. Seriously, what where they thinking!?

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