Dec 1, 2017

It came from the Toy Chest: Power-Con 2017 first figure

I have a bit of a toy backlog for items that haven't come out the toy chest. I can blame the Hurricane for so much, but part of it has been me, misplacing some stuff. While the backlog is a bit big, is not like it will allow me for 24 days of toys, so I will review figures from each multi-family individually to pad out the reviews in order to get close to the Nefty's House of Rants it came from the toy chest Advent calendar. Even as I write this it's not set in stone. Due to the Hurricane's aftermath I'm making this up as I go. Also, ranting on my cellphone is not as fun as doing it on PC.

So, the Power-Con stuff. Let me get something out of the way. These six figures have issues. Both Power-Con and Super7 share the blame on them. Super7's blame lies in being less experienced than Mattel in making real action figures and changing to a factory that wasn't used to making real action figures for adults. (Technical issues like wrong plastics or hardness of said plastics, paint issues, that kind of thing). Now Power-Con is to blame for giving Super7 an extremely tight deadline for making 6 different figures and some choices had to be made hastily due to budget or time restrictions. I took it upon myself to mention this BEFORE the review starts, so I can reduce the explaining when I deal with the figures themselves. I also need to point out that I have NO PERSONAL BEEF WITH THE POWER-CON TEAM OR SUPER7.

With that out of the way, let's talk the disgusting blatant parts reused that is Terroar. BTW the Bio tries to explain the blatant parts reuse as it taking the shape of beings it thought were cool.
The issues mentioned above, have Terroar with a super hard head, which makes the neck extension a high risk maneuver, that's why I won't take pics of him with it. I'll have to widen the hole on both the head and the neck extension so I can swap it with ease... Once I have Power, the Dremel will fix that. Also I will sand the ball peg on the extension and the figure in order to facilitate the swapping. This would apply to all figures on the sets. (But I was impatient and hacked some of the ball with an x-acto knife. Not pretty but it works)

His upper body is basically Rattlor's, so articulation is similar to The General. The Right Side is so Trap Jaw, but without the removable arm... It could be removable, but I ain't gonna force it.
The lower body is Mosquitor. His articulation is a bit too tight for my liking and his right arm is a bit of a bitch to move. Feet have the new ML-like articulation.

Paint and Sculpt:
The sculpting on this figure brings nothing new to the game. Being based on the theoretical 1988 wave of 100% parts reuse, he CAN'T BRING ANYTHING NEW HERE. The paint job is nice, even if I find the color palette very meh. They look a lot better on camera than in person. I just wish he had SOMETHING NEW.

Trap Jaw parts... Sarcastic yay!

Mr. Blatant parts reuse gets a 3.66 as his final score. If I put into consideration the plastic hardness issues and the inability to swap out parts without relying on a hair dryer, his score would be lower. I feel like he needs je ne sais quoi to make him feel more unique. Here's where third party fans can shine. Maybe the Shapeways Masters can come to the rescue. Like making something like DJForce's Trap Jaw 200X armor add-on but more snakemen style. Maybe even a new head that takes elements from both Whiplash and Rattlor's to make him feel more unique.

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