Dec 10, 2017

It came from the Toy Chest: Quick change the channel!

think you already know what I'm talking about... Insert in Soviet Russia Channel changes you joke here. And it's Zangief, which you should've guessed.

Because it's the best non-Bison line from the movie.
So, for the uninformed: Zangief is the pride of Russian Wrestling... Like I've Drago was for boxing, but no steroids for Mr. Zangief. His Muscles are all him and the mastery of Muscle is what he is all about... And bringing pride to the Motherland.

He's similar to other Storm Collectibles figures here. His massive body does limit the arms a bit. (I wanted to pose him playing with his nipples as a joke pic, but his bulging muscles wouldn't allow it.) Careful when posing him. If his shoulder pops out, it's a bitch to get back in place.

Paint and Sculpt:
It's Zangief, deliciously bulging muscles on top of muscles that makes many Hulk figures feel puny. The paint job is spectacular and makes the figure pop. My only beef with the Sculpt is that it makes it a bit hard to repop the shoulder whenever it pops out and that the heads are not attached tightly to the neck post.

-2 extra heads
-8 extra hands
-SFV stand
-2 spinning lariat effects
Since he's the SFV figure he doesn't get the glowing hand from past games.
But the amount of accessories is decent enough to give him a 5.0
This is why we need
Hands in MOTUC.
Instead of punching
Zangief in the balls,
It looks like Skeletor
Is grabbing a handful
Of Deez Nutz

Zangief is a big beast, he's the size I wish we could've gotten Beastman, Whiplash and Clawful in MOTUC... Or even King Grayskull. The head and shoulders issue is what kept him from being a perfect scored figure, but 4.83 is the next best thing.

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