Dec 30, 2017

The stupidly pointless petition to undo the last Jedi...

Keep your stupid comments in your pocket. That's all I have to say about the petition. Seriously? This entitlement is ridiculous!
I'll have a page break because Spoilers.

Spoilers regarding The last Jedi will be discussed here thou hast been advised.

"Not my Luke" or "True Jedi wouldn't do that"...
That's a big pile of Rancor fecal mater.
Luke had struggled with self doubt and the allure of the Dark Side... We saw that on Return of the Jedi and on Empire Strikes Back. He doubted for a moment when he felt the Dark Side on Ben.
Jedi also made bad choices which led to the creation of a new evil. The Council created Darth Vader and let the Empire become a thing. Luke created Kylo Ren and allowed the First Order to become a thing. Speaking of bad choices, if it wasn't for Plot Armor, Luke would be dead.
Jedi retreated like cowards for years until someone came looking for them. Obi Wan was on Tatooine and Yoda in Dagobah. Luke did the same thing in Achto.
Luke was Yodaing the hell out of his old Jedi Master self as he not trained Rey.
Luke's attitude was a combination of Old Ben Kenobi and Yoda's with a lot of Skywalker angst.

"The jokes and humor come from Disney" or "this movie is now for kids".

Newsflash: STAR WARS WAS ALWAYS MEANT FOR KIDS. But Lucas somehow managed to pull out something for kids and was good enough for adults. Also, on humor... C-3P0, Ewoks, Jar Jar Binks, to an extent Watto, even Chewie were sources of humor... Then there's the "funny stuff added to the Special editions" like stepping on Jabba's tail, Freedoms shooting first, added Nooooooooo!, Etc. One more thing. The for kids thing: What are cheap marketing ploys to sell toys? POOOOOOOOORRRRRRRGSSSS!!
Well, yes, but I was thinking, Jar Jar Binks, and the Ewoks.

"The Space Vegas was stupid"...

So we're the Space Diner, space drug deals with "death sticks" standing in for space drugs, don't get me started on "Space NASCAR" Then the pawn shop run by an alien caricature of a Jewish man.

"Snoke was made to be some sort of big threat and was dispatched so stupidly"...
Who are Boba Fett and Darth Maul?

"Luke literally did nothing and let himself die" Can we say Obi Wan Kenobi?

 Out of 3 Disney movies 2.5 of them have been bad!
Out of 4 Star Wars movies Directed by George Lucas 3 have been bad.
Out of 6 Original Star Wars movies 3.5 have been bad. (And the half bad part form Return of the Jedi was insistence of catering to Merchandising.)

As I said on my first thoughts after seeing the movie, I don't agree with some of the choices made. I still stand by it, but after analyzing the entire saga, The Last Jedi FITS WITHIN THE STAR WARS universe... If we accepted the Prequels, we can accept anything.

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