Dec 5, 2017

It came from the Toy Chest Power-Con exclusive third figure.

Now is Lord Gr'asp's turn. The final figure from the Snakemen three pack is finally here... (It's been here a while, but Advent calendar.) He's another mish-mash of parts and out of all three, he's the best looking. (And thanks to the 200X third party head cast that I got for Squeeze, the crock head on Grasp doesn't bother me anyway...)

He's a normal naked buck with Clawful's right arm. Nothing is hindered and surprisingly, he has the new ML-LIKE feet.

Paint and Sculpt:
The sculpting is all familiar here. Nothing new to write about. The paint job is where it is at. It works rather well, but I would've preferred an extra bit of color to break down some of that Black.

Snakemen staff and Hssss shield. Nothing to write home about. Like Scareglow, I worry about his cape. Kinda wish he had a Laser Light Skeletor hood in green.

Gr'asp's gets a 4.0 as his final score. Out of all three he's the best of the bunch.
The issues due to the changes in factory and Power-Con giving Super7 a super tight deadline had the least effect on him. He was affected by the issues, but on him they are least noticeable.

The pack's overall score is 3.66 and while it seems like a decent score, we must take in consideration that for the review I DID NOT SUBSTRACT POINTS for the factory issues. If I did, these would've score lower.

I almost don't want to say it, but I HAVE TO for the sake of fairness. If this set was the only thing available to gauge Super7 then, they would've failed horribly. I want to believe that the first wave of MOTUC and Filmation ARE getting the fixes that they mentioned, otherwise wave 3 will be A LOT harder to sell. I'll take a small break from MOTUC before returning to the mini comic set. Also, to spice up the Advent calendar.

BTW, B.Flynn of Super7 is in China ensuring that there are no issues on Wave 1 of Classics and Filmation. That's a good thing.

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