Dec 13, 2017

It came from the toy chest: With fabulous mini comics powers.

The second Power-Con exclusive three pack is full of variants. This pack had the Blow dryer instructions insert, that the Snakemen lacked.

Again, I'll point out that these two Power-Con sets had some issues, due to the short window of time that S7 had to make the figures in time for Power-Con and the factory issues they have. I feel that Power-Con gave too much to do to Super7 in too little time. I also feel that Super7 bit a bit more than they could chew on this time. Hopefully the delays on wave one will allow them to avoid mistakes like those in these figures.
Unable to
Hold his sword
Adam needs the
Cave of Power
To transform into

Now let's begin to talk about the figure for this review... *Checks title* OK, so Prince Adam finally got a card but not a single card, sadly. At least his name is there, amirite?
This is the DC Mini series take on Adam who was pretty much a douche...

Standard MOTUC articulation but with super tight shoulders. His thighs are looser than Frosta's reputation.

Paint and Sculpt:
The head looks off as heck. I can't put my finger on it, but there's something off on it. Not sure if it's the mismatched coolers between head and torso or if the Oo-Larr head mold got damaged, but there is something off-putting on this Sculpt. On a more positive note, Adam can holster his sword on his tunic... Ultimate Prince Adam is looking like a nice idea now.
Always the peacemaker,
eh Lacan?

Power Sword...

I wish that I was able to give him a better score, but the Sculpt issues and lack of accessories... A repainted Randor goblet would've been nice for Douche Adam. 3.33 is the final score on him. Hopefully, the next two won't be such downers.

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