Dec 25, 2017

My She-Ra: The rant strikes back

I have kept quiet about the new She-Ra cartoon due to the Advent calendar and I will most likely never do one again. Too much hassle for someone without power or internet to work with.

Behold the new She-Ra:
Art style reminds me of Totally Spies! And while I'm not feeling the artwork that much, I'm glad it's not Johnny Test or Teen Titans go! Art style. I hate the spectacular spider-man art style, but the writing was good and that made me stick around (pun not intended) so, I can let that slide... The thing I TRULY HATE is there redesigned look.
First let's get the evil pants out of the way... (Oh my!) I hate the pants. For those of you who don't know, here at the house of rants, your truly has an issue with Pants on He-Man and Lion-O. I hate pants on those guys. They should be pantles, period. The pants on She-Ra kinda remind me of Revolutionary girl Utena. The breastplate now turned into a vest, gives off Utena vibes. I kinda feel like she needs something on the front... A bit of cloth draping like the front of her vintage toy skirt. As it is right now, it lends itself for lewd R34 edits.
But the biggest offender is none other than the Tiara... Choloh's beard, that thing's ugly!
She looks like she's wearing Stitch ears.
Not feeling the redesign and I'm afraid of what will happen to Bow (betting he'll have a douchy goatee or at least a douchy soul patch)

But how the late Billy Mays would say:

Those tweets by a member of the series crew have raised a few red flags. I'm getting guru style vibes... Or SLC vibes from this.
"I'm making what *I* want to see from She-Ra" is a scary statement. It COULD MEAN GOOD THINGS, like having the main rebels be more active in battles and be super badasses, while remaining respectful to the source material... On the other hand, it could mean, that they'll reinvent She-Ra so hard, she won't even resemble what she's all about (as seen with Dragonball Evolution, Street Fighter the legend of Chun Li, Jem and the Holograms, Zack Snyder's DCEU). That uncertainty scares me.

The second tweet scares me too with the whole "new generation" remark. While Filmation didn't have a super deep show like say Young Justice, it wasn't super dumbed down because kids. I know that some shows have been made for the "new generation" and have been well made. Case in point, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. This show is basically, a modernized G1 with a few elements of G2 and G3. It had odd redesigns, but strong writing and captured the soul of G1 and made it work in a more modern era of TV. Then again, we also have Teen Titans Go! Which is written for a new generation and the writers and cast (that includes the amazing Tara Strong, who is a real human being) have taken potshots at fans of the original Teen Titans.

But, I may be making a mountain out of a molehill here... Then again, House of Rants, and I need to shoot from the hip, even if I have to eat Crow later. So, the thing is, Twitter is not the best platform to deliver important messages... And that includes the President of the USA. The point is not about his policies, political leaning, but about using proper platforms to express things without having a bunch of people trying to explain what it was meant to be said in more than 280 characters. That applies to the She-Ra team.

Had I been in charge, I would've said something like this:

We, the team at the New She-Ra series LOVE the original show. While we love and respect the original series, it's impossible to do exactly as Filmation did in the 1980s. What we're doing is taking the best elements from the original series and things WE WANT TO SEE, updating them to 2010s sensibilities. We're striving to make the best She-Ra cartoon possible and have studied the mythology and past continuities to make sure that it respects the material, as we update it to a new generation that is unaware of the awesomeness of She-Ra.

While our main audience is a new generation, we're being careful enough with the material, so it's appealing to older fans of the original. Think something like Voltron Legendary Defender, but for She-Ra. We understand your passion for this project, since you guys kept the flames alive while there was nothing on TV. We're trying to make YOUR CHILDREN fall in love with She-Ra as you did 30+ years ago.

We really hope your kids (and you) love this at least as much as we love making it.

For the Honor of Grayskull,
From the She-Ra team.

But I will be patient. I wanna be optimistic, but every bit I see is making me apprehensive.

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