Nov 4, 2011

Odds and Ends Nov 4: 2011

Dear Princess Celestia:
This week I learned that the humans are being assimilated into Pony Culture. So much that some of their biggest news publications have talked about it.
Your Faithful Student,
That is Not Twilight Sparkle!

Ho-Ly Crap! The Ponies made it to the front page on the Wall street Journal! Game Informer had a letter with a fellow Brony defending the awesomeness of the show... Yeah it might seem a bit girly but these ponies are AWESOME!!

Sharing Kindness is an easy feat... Fatality!

Bieber denies he had sex... with girl that claims he's the father of her child. I dunno what's worse... The girl claiming that Bieber is the father of her child. Or Bieber having to claim he didn't have sex... with that girl. Cause we're sure he's watching My Little Pony with Selena Gomez... I know that he's been checking out Selena's Cutie Mark...

The next mini article requires a bit of Creativity... I could Go the Easy way with this:

It's not Sam Jackson related, but the clip is related to the Article... It's time for SNAKES on WEIRD PLACES!!
Just what I needed... Snakes on the ATM! Another reason for me to fear some more stuff... First it was Snakes on Grandma's house, then snakes on the toilet, followed by Snakes on a plane, now snakes on the ATM... What's next Snakes on my trousers!? OK I walked straight into that one... Long story short. Guy goes to ATM on Spain, tries to withdraw money,Surprise! It's a Snake! Kinda like in Resident Evil games...

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