Nov 10, 2011

It came from the Toychest: Now Everypony can Fly to the Castle

Here's Twilight Sparkle's Twinkling Balloon!

That's how Important it is! It's THE Very first thing you see on the Intro!
It contains
Twilight Sparkle (Minus not Owlowiscious, comb and saddle)
a Cardboard cutout of Rarity
The Balloon...

Great now I'm being mocked by Chicken Pie! LOL

OK... Sheesh! For a Party Pony she sure is Grumpy!

Vehicle reviews can't be the same as a standard figure review, cause it's a frigging vehicle! Luckily we Have 2 Figures in it to Review!
Twilight, you CAN read the detailed Twilight Sparkle review for the single packed Twilight to get more into my thoughts. This Twilight Sparkle gets a different score, due to the different nature of her accessories:
Overall Twilight Sparkle Score: 2.67 (without the Pony Curve) Using the Pony Curve She gets a 3.67 Having Spike and Her Balloon helped her Out a lot! (in the Accessories Department)

Now for Spike! The Missing character or should I call him The New Rainbow... Dash?

Well what can I say about this Baby Dragon?
Articulation: Zilch, Nada, the big goose egg!
Paint and Sculpt: What can I say about the sculpt? He looks pretty accurate (except the whole quadruped pose cause Spike seems to be a bipedal dragon) There are tiny details on his sculpt that are hard to catch on Camera like on his knees, which is kinda cool for a MLP toy (with their soft sculpts and partial lack of detail). The paintjob needed to be 20% cooler. There's a bit of slop on his torso, near his legs. you won't be able to see it unless you grab him, flip him over and look at it!
Accessories: Technically he comes with none but I believe that the Rarity Carboard cut-out is his.

That's why...
I can't officially rate him as a figure since he's pretty much an accessory. A Decently sculpted Accessory to a line of Ponies with 1 POA... He pretty much is like Cringer... As a toy on his own is almost useless, but once you pair him with Prince Adam or in Spike's case, Twilight Sparkle... they complement each other! Also there is something about him that makes me enjoy him... been carrying and playing with him almost non-stop for 9 hours... Heck as I'm writing this review, I'm goofing off with Spike!

Cardboard Rarity Cutout:
It's just used to show the girls that Twilight is meant to go in the balloon...
She is Cartoon Accurate AND Having Rarity IN the balloon is IN Canon... Roll the clip Mr. Awesome MLP Accessory!

I still can't get over Celestia being The Sorceress... Kinda Freaky when I watch 200X...

I think I've delayed the inevitable Long enough! Unto The Balloon itself...
If you've been watching the videos and look at the Toy, you'll notice something...
No, not Spike checking out Rarity... Take a good look at the balloon and at the balloon in the videos...
Trollestia Strikes again!
She switched ALL The colors! But this palette is Less Girly... What is going on!?
As you can see it IS pretty accurate to the show version, colors aside. The only 2 liberties in the sculpt are due to the electronics for the action features. It plays a bit of a melody (MLP based) AND it lights up.

As seen there...
Also it has a cute Telescope for Twilight study Friendship from afar. (Or for Spike to check out Rarity's flank...

Now for the ratings part: Which I kinda skipped on Spike, but HAVE to do with the Balloon itself.
Paint and Sculpt:
The Sculpt is pretty detailed. It IS cartoon accurate but with an extra bit of detail. As I said before, the Only liberties taken with the sculpt were to fit the Electronics. From the bottom of the balloon to the Basket is where the colors are NOT cartoon accurate. The balloon does NOT have slop, but a bit of yellow paint was scratched off one of the stars on the basket, when I accidentally knocked it over... (due to it being top heavy, it tends to fall with the slightest bump.)

While the Balloon is technically an "Accessory" It DOES come with 2 figures. so here we have a 5

Action Feature:
While I normally disregard action features, I can't do that with this Balloon, cause the Action Features are REALLY Important! I'm still trying to figure out if the tune that the balloon plays IS from Friendship is Magic or from an older MLP show... The twinkling lights effect is cool, but the Nightlight option is so Adorable!

I give it 2 FLuttershys in the cuteness scale...
But That's NOT the action Feature's score... It gets a 3. I enjoy the song and the lights are cute, but it's yet another MLP toy with a light and sound trick...

The Balloon gets a: 4
Here's a Pic to show Size Comparison between Spike, Twilight Sparkle, Celestia and the Balloon.

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