Nov 12, 2011


Dear Princess Celestia:
I just have noticed that Hasbro is releasing other Ponies aside the Mane Six.
Aside from Cheerielee, I have no idea who those ponies are!
Your Faithful Student that is NOT Twilight Sparkle.

Well, since Hasbro WANTS to make ponies, how about Popular ponies from the show? And maybe a few NON-Ponies... Well, here's my list of My Little Pony Characters that I'd like to see in the Normal Scale with rooted hair... not talking about the Blindbag ponies, cause now they're making more characters there... I recall seeing a Rarity in Blanka colors:

Big Macintosh:
Applejack and Applebloom's eldest brother... He's a Brony... DO I want him?

The one called 'Derpy Hooves' by the Fans: Also known as 'Ditzy Doo' by Hasbro.
Why is 'Derpy' Popular? I think it's the derpy face... She's now the Waldo/Wally in Season 2...

Nightmare Moon/Luna: Yes, I know that Target has a pair of "Canterlot sets" that have a Luna (with a non-rooted hair Celestia), but those Lunas are not accurate to the show. (They're closer to the Season 1 look, but not too accurate.) Maybe a Season 2 Luna with extra pieces to give her the Nightmare Moon Disguise (cause this toyline cannot have any villains... apparently)

While we're at it how about a Princess Celestia that is NOT a Frigging Giant: Oh yeah I went there... Note that I'm NOT asking for a Cartoon Accurate Celestia, which would be even better, but "Retailers" want PINK Celestia... It's too weird That Celestia is as big as Twi's Balloon...

Zecora the Zebra: While not technically a Pony, she is a pretty popular character. Being a mystic Zebra that speaks in rhyme, also was the first target of Pinkie Pie's bigotry... (cause the Pie believed her to be EVIL!!)

The Great and Powerful TRIXIE:
Another character that would be fun to have, but suffers from the Nightmare Moon problem... No "baddies on a girl's line" issue... That's what reduced Catra to a "Jealous Beauty" and made parents rebel against The Misfits from JEM... Truly Outrageous! (Sorry, I HAD to do it!)

Gilda the Griffon: Another Baddie that will most likely NOT get made... Why does everything that has girls as their main audience cannot have bad guys in it?

and at last but not least a character that will NEVER EVER Happen, even if all the bronies in the universe begged for him:

DISCORD!! Probably because he's "evil" and a mismatch set of parts... but Hasbro will NOT do him...

There are other background ponies that would be fun to have, but this list is about those I'd like to see... Sure there's Granny Smith, Snips, Snails, "Doctor Whooves", Truly Toon accurate versions of Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash (with the shorter hair and proper mane/tail colors) or Applejack with the hat and freckles and a Pinkie Pie with more curlier hair... Even Vinyl Scratch aka 'DJ Pon-3'

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