May 1, 2013

Heh... Episode 7 is some serious stuff!

Apparently, the mouse REALLY needs Leia to get in Princess shape... Heck! They got her her own Personal Trainer. Worst case scenario they cast her younger half-sister as Leia...

I think it's actually really cool that Disney is going all the way in helping Carrie Fisher get back in Leia-shape.

Online dating is apparently a good thing. Now hold on to your hats, but  guess who's now into Online dating... No, it's not me.

the Housizzle Dizzle and Mizzle of good housizzle herself, Martha Stewart is now dating online...
So if you wanna date her you need to be:
Male, duh! Over 55, CANNOT SMOKE, needs to have an income of $150,001+, and no kids living with him.
But it's really  good thing cause she now has over 1000 suitors... 8000 more and I could use the Vegeta video...

I would say that I'd like to see a Full House Reunion... Probably won't happen cause Michelle's Actresses won't do it. So this will have to do.

Cause We know Stamos is doing Yougrt ads...

Coulier and Saget are doing Stand Up comedy... Coulier's is clean, while Saget's is Filthy as @#$%!
So all that's left is The Twins... Come on Olsen twins... Make it happen!

They're so not going to do it...

Last but not least, Snake Face has shipped... Still no word on any other SDCC Mattycollector exclusives.

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