May 20, 2013

Odds and ends 20th of May 2013

Seriously? You want to be taken seriously? you ARE a JOKE!! Of course I'm talking about Gropey, the  Irresponsible former Monkey Owner. Justin Bieber was booed at the Billboard Awards and he was "forced" to defend himself... He did the usual, mention his age, indirectly mentioning his monetary value as signs that he is "doing good" that he's the real deal and that he should be taken seriously cause he's an artist.

I'm sorry, but if Bieber wants people to take him seriously; he needs to stop acting like a douchenozzle!
The Mally saga portrays him as an irresponsible and neglectful animal owner. How can someone demand respect when he treats his own pet as a disposable item!?

The Anne Frank Guestbook issue portrays him as a self-centered egomaniac who lacks respect to everything. If he wants to be taken seriously, then he should behave like a respectable human being.
Acting like an asshat does not earn you respect.

Comic book "artist" goes to Kickstarter to get his comic funded. What Artist? The one who hates drawing feet, makes weird-ass double barreled guns that hover strangely over closed fists. The one who draws women with torpedo tits and they all seem to suffer from Spina Bifida. The man who puts pouches on pouches and men with Ginormous codpieces hidden within their tights... His shading technique is legendary... I'm talking aboutXTREEEEEEEEEEEEEM! douchenozzle Rob Leifeld!!
The worst part is that people already have donated $10,000.00+ for this to happen! OK I'm not a fan of his, but what bugs me is that he is well known for being mediocre AND pretending to be the holy grail of comics with a douche-like attitude.

Weed eating pigs are tasty? Apparently, if you feed your hog with the wacky tobacky it gives the pig the munchies... Which makes them eat more, therefore fatter and tastier... Am I the only one who wants to see a Stoner Pigs movie... like Gordy or Babe/Pineapple Express mash-up?

DC Comics knows how to make my wallet hurt... They are REALLY tempting me with a set of statues...

of the SBFFs!! (way better than Teen Titans go!)

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