May 5, 2013


Seriously!!! That's one bad April Fool's joke that deserves to DIE!!
It's not that I don't like Channing Tatum, cause I don't like him. It's just that he is NOT He-Man. Then again, I don't think he was Duke Material to begin with.

I don't see him as the guy whose meant to do this look good.

OK, to be fair, Snake Armor is hard to make it look good... But seriously, Channing Tatum as He-Man is not a great idea... Neither is Megan Fox as Teela, so let's nip it in the bud while we're at it...
Also, I don't Bielieb that Adam should be played by Gropey Mc Douchypants...

I don't mind one or two big names to help sell the movie, but the problem is that too many big names would make the movie a logistically impossible nightmare. Not to mention that we'd see the actors over the characters... Part of why I don't want Liam Neeson in this... He'd be a logical choice and he'd do a wonderful job. My only issue is that I'd see Neeson instead of Randor.

Please MOTU Movie... DO NOT SUCK!!

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