May 7, 2013

AJ needs her HAT!! Updated!! (almost an It Came from the Toy Chest)

Dear Princess Celestia:

Today I learned that a Cartoon Accurate Applejack is not going to happen unless Hasbro makes her.
Why can't we get an Applejack with her cartoon accurate hat?

Notice something on Applejack's head? Her Hat!
Want to know what most of her toys lack? Her Hat!!

So I had to get me an Applejack with a Hat...

The Crystal Empire Applejack... I'd normally do an It Came from the Toy Chest, but this is pretty much a plain old Applejack with tinsel in her hair and less accessories... apples and a hat.
The Hat is the only reason for me to get this AJ...

A little paint and sealer and now my Original Applejack has a hat. It's not 100% accurate but my Applejack feels complete... Seriously, Cartoon Accurate Playful ponies would be

I'll probably use the other AJ as a changeling or something... But seriously, Hasbro should consider doing show accurate ponies... in all their scales... (fashion Pony applejack with her Stetson would be most welcome by me... also a Blind Bag scaled AJ with her hat...)

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