May 27, 2013

Princess Twilight Sparkle DVD Special

I FINALLY was able to buy a My Little Pony DVD Set... (No seasons 1 or 2...) and It's Princess Twilight Sparkle Special... which pretty much spoils everything with the cover.
Seriously? Spoiling the Series  Season 3 Finale
with the Cover... UGH! UGH!!!
OK, so the Menu Screen has the same images from the cover art reused. The set has 6 Episodes a Sing A Long  (a True True Friend...) The three Ponies (Cadance, Celestia and Princess Sparkle are on the different screens.

The Coloring Sheet is a PDF file that must be accessed from the DVD ROM and printed.

If this is a Twilight Sparkle-centric DVD, shouldn't she be in all screens?

The infamous coloring page... colored by yours truly.
The Episodes included are:
-Games Ponies Play (Basically, what happened with everypony else while Spike was on his Just for Sidekicks Episode... that part of me wishes was included in this set)
-Magical Mystery Cure (Which should have been the last episode in the set, not the second... For Obvious reasons)
-Mmmystery on the Friendship Express (Which is more of a Pinkie Pie-Centric Episode.)
-Magic Duel
-Lesson Zero

Aside Mmmystery on the Friendship Express, all the other episodes involve Twilight in a main role. I wish we could've gotten  an additional Twilight Sparkle episode... Look before you sleep, Luna Eclipsed, Dragon Quest, Bridle Gossip... Most of the episodes are Twilight-Centric, which is what the set is implying to have. I'm not rating each episode because I'd spoil the heck out of them and it would require me to watch two Episodes I don't like... (Games Ponies Play and Magical Mystery Cure)

It's a nice set! A bit bare bones since the Magical Mystery Cure is not as epic as the Crystal Empire or the Royal Wedding! I suppose that this is meant to hold little girls (and bronies) until... IT Happens...
I'd say a 6 out of 10 mostly because this is not a set to try and get friends into My Little Pony.

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