May 14, 2013

Happy Birthday George Lucas!!

Even if I hate 1/2 of your movies... (Especially those last 2.5 Star Wars movies and the excessive tampering of the Original Trilogy) I must wish you a Happy Birthday, since Star Wars WAS a part of my Childhood... which now is property of Da Mouse!

ou've got a Friend in ABC... Cause they're doing a Toy Story "Halloween-esque" Special... coming this October.

Normally I don't do the Petition thing, but Disney is tampering with Merida's design, making her more "Girly" and more "attractive"... the complete opposite of what she stands for.

If you liked Brave and Merida as she was in the movie, please sign the petition and stop Disney from "tweaking" Merida to fit the nmormal Disney Princess mold. 

I understand that Merida is THEIR character and they can do whatever they want with her. Just because they CAN doesn't mean they SHOULD!

Kool-Aid-Hordak came in and went out in 3 minutes... not to mention that Mattel started the sale 15 minutes late. Not to mention that many subscribers were locked out of Early access due to some glitch in the system that made it seem like they had an invalid email address.

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