May 11, 2013

Teen Titans Go!

As in GO AWAY!! I don't like the new DC Nation show Teen Titans Go!
I TRIED TO LIKE IT! I honestly did! It has the Original Cast form the Previous Teen Titans show... (Including Ma-Ti as Robin... Hey! I need to make a Captain Planet Reference every now and then. I can't be making Pony references all the time!)

Buuuuuuuuuut! The main issue is that the show is more like a MAD Parody than anything resembling the last Incarnation of Teen Titans. The Dynamic between Raven and Beast Boy is one of the FEW Highlights of the show.

One entire episode is an excuse to make an "Oh noez!! Raven is a Brony!!" Joke... Cause Raven is voiced by Tara Strong, who also voices the Main character from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (Princess Twilight Sparkle)... So deep and so Meta Joke... KAPOW! The Teen Titans Go! Writers just Michael Bayed your brains!!

Now I want to eat Pie... The song was OK as long as they don't try to shove it down our ears throughout the rest of the Episode...

OK so it only happens twice... but that's THE problem... They either overdo the joke or the joke is underdone... This case it's the overdoing part.

It's NOT A BAD SHOW... It's just that it feels more like a parody or something that should have remained as a DC Nation Super Hero Short... Heck! Even my favorite DC Nation Short may not work as a full show...

And that's my main issue. Each Episode feels like they took a 1-3 minute short, filled with fluff just to reach the 10-12 minute mark.

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