Nov 12, 2014

Fantastic Four Reboot is starting to remind me of.

Springtime for Hitler... Why? It seems that Fox is Hellbent on getting F4 Foxed so hard that not even Marvel would want the rights back... Then again Marvel is shelving the F4 comics to spite Fox.

So, what's their latest dumbassed move to make Fantastic Four an even bigger mess?

Victor Domashev, Angry Blogger/Computer Programmer... Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, Doctor Doom is now an Angry Blogger/Computer programmer.

The suckitude keeps piling on and on and on. How is it even possible that no one is trying to stop this horrible abomination that can be best described as:

All jokes aside, every time I read an Article about this movie, my expectations go down fast! I want to believe in a decent F4 movie, but right now the Roger Corman movie has nothing to worry about. This one has dethroned it, and Rise of the Silver Surfer! No Fantastic Four movie can be worse than this. Seriously, a Michael Bay F4 seems better than... No, a Boll F4 would be way better than... Hell no! a TOMMY WISEAU F4 would be way better than this!

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