Nov 13, 2014

Hasbro REALLY wants to screw up Mattel!

I ranted about the Disney Sneak Attack! Now Hasbro is pushing to buy Dreamworks. Now, if this goes through, Hasbro is essentially blocking Mattel from getting any action in future animated features that are not from WB. Which drastically reduces what Mattel can make toys out of...

The Block is doubled since Dreamworks is the current owner of Filmation Rights... Which can put a Gigantic Monkey Wrench to

MOTU, specifically the PoP branch of the brand.

(Yes, I'm using the LatAm Spanish version to spice things up a bit! Now Rrrrrrrrrrroll those Rs)
Hasbro could block Mattel from using PoP Elements in future media and certain MOTU Elements too! So, this could mean that Mattel may end up axing MOTU or changing it into an unrecognizable mess... (Kinda like New Adventures did to many childhoods.)

Losing the Filmation stuff once again will bite Mattel in the ass, because Hasbro can easily sit on those rights and shelf the MOTU/POP stuff, because Hasbro is Hasbro. GoBots, M.A.S.K. and many other properties are in Hasbro's (full) power and they are stuck in limbo since Hasbro is doing NOTHING with them. Imagine what they can do to PoP if they wanted to be Hasbro and shelf the Filmation stuff indefinitely.

Mattel needs to get their game on and try to get the Filmation Rights to MOTU and POP before Hasbro screws them over.

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