Nov 18, 2014

Mattel dodged a bullet here...

The Dreamworks-Hasbro Merger did not go through. Apparently, it's because of Dreamworks' Jeffrey Katzenberg, whose attempts to sell Dreamworks have failed repeatedly and various misses in feature films like Turbo or Mr. Peabody and Sherman. Also, there's something about Katzenberg wanting a Senior Role at Hasbro out of the deal that rubbed Hasbro the wrong way. "You buy me and I become the boss of you" is never a good idea for the buyer.

Now, this rant is about Mattel. Now that the Dreamworks merger with Hasbro has failed, Mattel needs to get their asses in gear and try to buy back the rights to He-Man and She-Ra. you know, kinda like Hasbro did in 2008 when they acquired the rights to all of the Sunbow Entertainment cartoons based on their products from Sony.

Then again, Mattel should have tried acquiring them LONG before the MOTU movie caught (very little) steam. Also, they should have grabbed them long before Dreamworks caught hold of the Filmation Rights. Mattel truly NEEDS the Filmation Rights. Half of the MOTU Mythos is tightly tied to Filmation. Many Popular characters COME FROM Filmation. I KINDA understand why investing on the 1987 Live Action Movie may not be profitable for Mattel, but not going after the Filmation rights is simply stupid. Look at all the other media that is going around. Shirts, statues,plushes, etc. What do they have in common? They are all using the Filmation designs for the products. Filmation, IS the ICONIC look for MOTU. (Sorry, Pre-Filmation fans, but even you have to admit that Filmation DID put MOTU on the map.)

This may be Mattel's only chance to take the rights to MOTU related Media back. If they miss out they are

(Hey! I guess this is ONE good use for this)

If they REALLY want to bring MOTU back into the spotlight, they need to take off the kid gloves and commit all the way.

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