Nov 5, 2014

Looking back on 2012 MotUC's roster

This rant will put me up to date with the Looking back on MOTUC... Which I'll kinda need to do the final evaluation of MOTUC on 2016 once the line is done. (or if it survives, then an evaluation of the Neitlich era of MOTUC)

So, I'll do Club Eternia first, then CLUB 30th... for the sake of fairness.

Star Sisters: C-
The Controversial Star Sisters. A pain in the neck to many resellers and subscribers who dislike PoP. I like the characters, but a 3 pack is a bitter pill to swallow. Tallstar is always looking like she's Nearly Headless Nick's sister. The 3 sisters have Limited Articulation Thighs (based on BG Teela. Tallstar's are new pieces, but share the same fate. Jewelstar was supposed to work like the Comet Warriors... Her Action Feature was sacrificed. So, they can be a bit Meh...

Sorceress: B-
DEM Wings, BGTeela thighs... Did I mention the Giant Drums on DEM WINGS? because that is the biggest issue with her. At least she completes the Trio of People who know Adam's Secret.

Fisto: A+
Fisto, an Action Figure Rarity. Mattel was shortpacked and some subscribers ended up being Fisto-less, but with 2 Sorceresses instead. Those who GOT a Fisto got a kickass figure capable of having his vintage AND 200X Look in one toy. Booyakasha!

Shadow Weaver: B-
The biggest Dick Move in MOTUC History. I was MEGA LUCKY by getting a Shadow Weaver via a contest. Sadly, Shadow Weaver isn't exactly a "Perfect toy". It's a perfect representation of the character, but her already limited articulation is limited by her cape.

Kobra Khan: A
A great figure with a sculpted chest instead of an overlay, had an additional head with a flared hood. Sadly, the Horsemen followed the "slaves to vintage look" unwritten rule and the Vintage Toy Duckface (for the spray feature) was recreated. Bonus points for making a new gun for Khan instead of the repainted Zodac Gun.

 Thunder Punch He-Man: B+
The figure is nearly flawless... just a few nitpicks knock him down a bit... (I miss the blast caps) His skintone is a bit TOO pale and when the 2015 Oo-Larr comes; I won't be able to use any of his heads on this figure (My favorite He-Variant)

Stinkor: C+
Freaking Ruben! Reversed Forearms "on purpose to make him pop!" I had to butcher mine by swapping forearms AND repainting him to make him accurate. Not to mention painting his accessories since paint applications were cut back on him.

Slush Head: C
Don't get me wrong: The sculpt is amazing and the parts reused are genius. The lack of bendy tentacles, the horrible way Mattel design CHOSE to solve the water issue. (It would have been better to have sculpted water and painted to avoid a lot of issues.) Then they did not give him a ball joint, which reuses the usage of that body for customs (unless you're skilled enough to crack torsos, add balljoints, etc.)

Horde Prime: B
The Supreme Supreme Leader of the Evil Horde right above Hordak was supposed to be the Sub Exclusive, but then we got hit by a little surprise. He's based on the Filmation Horde Prime throne, since we never get to truly see Horde Prime. He got a Hordak face in red with the Horde Logo wings as his ears. I couldn't stand the red face, so I painted mine in a Hordak Flesh inspired color and now I like him better. If Mattel hadn't cut back the paint apps on him and given him his staff with the figure, then he would have been an A.

Snake Man-at-Arms: B-
Luckily Mattel and Neitlich listened to the fans and changed this blegh repaint of Normal MAA with a new head into a 200X MAA Classicized, which makes him a bit more palatable. Shame that Mattel cheapened out on his accessories.

Spikor: C
They think I'm cute! I know I'm Blastic! I got paint chips that drive collectors mad! I'm cheaply made! Logistics were bad! and I lost my train of thought by trying to make a Sexy Boy Reference...
So, Spikor: Blastic, Blastic, Blastic! The Horsemen did a few good things with him like making the spikes on his tridents be spikes, they gave him a removable left hand for Filmation fans. Sadly, Mattel's cost cutting hurt him. (something we'll see all the way to Dekker)

Vykron: C-
The MOTUC Gladiator with more costume changes than a Cher concert. This figure makes you want a Gygor. Sadly, he is ruined by Mattel's Cheap-ass Cost-cutting measures. Blastic Strikes back!
Personally, THIS should have been a Three Pack since this dude is the "He-Man Trio" concept by Roger Sweet. (Also, being a Three Pack, we could have ditched the changing clothes gimmick and gotten real Robotic Legs for the Tank-Man that could have been reused for Discs of Doom Skeletor. Also DAMN THAT SPACE ACE DIAPER!! DAMN IT TO HELL!!

Mekaneck: C+
My only gripe with Mekaneck, aside the Blastic, is that he's 100% Vintage Mekaneck. No nods to his 200X version, NOTHING... Also, his mace is a bit limp... Seriously though, I do LOVE the longer neck extension. Disappointed in the limp mace and Black Plastic. Shame that we are NOT getting a Snake Mekaneck to correct my Vintagitis nitpick.

Dragon Blaster Skeletor: C-
What a crock of crap! Kobra Khan can get the Duckface, but the Dragon Doesn't!? Huge nitpick aside, Blastic Issue, this Skeletor kicks so much ass! You take off his armor and put on the normal Skeletor Armor and you get a more VINTAGE TOY ACCURATE SKELETOR!!
Snakemen Two Pack: B-
It's not that it's a bad set, but it lacked stuff compared to the Palace Guard set. The Black Plastic issue doesn't help this set. I wish the Snakes had better color differences to make them POP! Shame that a second Set (repaint) will not be made.

Frosta: C
The Horsemen dropped the ball with Frosta's face. It kinda looks like the lovechild of a chipmunk and Angelina Jolie. Then the Translucent hair that looks off and the biggest offenders: Gray Frost and Reversed Forearms.

Rattlor: B-
Naked Rattlor based on the Vintage figure. Loaded with Blastic and with a Horde Armband that ended up on Hurricane Hordak (as a placeholder for Filmation Hordak) He's OK, if you're into Vintage Rattlor. (His nudity was corrected in 2013)

Great Unrest Weapons Pack: (WP3)  B-
This pack had a few fun items (200X Duncannon, Keldor swords, Draego stuff) and some duds Clawful mace in a slightly lighter shade of green...

Dekker: B
No slits on his tunic cut out Articulation!! Duncan's 200X Mace in NORMAL MAA Color!?

The young head is cool but unneeded. Luckily WP3 Clawful Shield and WP1 Mossman Mace help make Dekker cooler.

Eternos Palace Randor (AKA Filmation Randor, The REAL Randor, Burger King Randor): C+
This Randor was another Filmation Surprise. The figure that was Axed when this was shoved into the line-up is rumored to be a 200X Randor. Blastic was axed on this month's figures. Randor lost a lot of articulation since he has no Bicep Swivel and his Demo-Man shins lose the bootcut not to mention his skirt has no slits so that's MORE Articulation blocked. He can't drink wine from the Crunk Cup with no Bicep Swivel!!

Temple of Darkness Sorceress: B+
Same as the Previous Sorceress with Female 1.0 thighs that have Better Articulation, but she's in all white... Obviously Dem Wings hurt her a little. (She was sold out before I could get one. Looks like Secondary Market it is... $50!? Screw her!)

Mosquitor (AKA Pixel Dan's main figure): C+
Gummy hands, gummy armor, gummy biceps... Afraid of moving his hands... Kinda wish he had gotten his blood tanks.

Procrustus: D
He totally looks like The Dude if the dude was made out of stone... and had four arms...
Sadly, like Tito the Not so Giant and Megator the green slightly taller than average guy; Procrustus is short. He is slightly more articulated than the last two "giants".

Granamyr: A+
You wanted Big? You got Big... Before you think I'm posting a Sex and the City Clip, let me tell you that I WILL NOT POST a SatC clip here... Not today!! thing is that The Horsemen wanted to go BIGGER with Granamyr... Right now he's slightly taller than the 2013 MOTUC Grayskull when standing up.

Now for Club 30th Anniversary, I know I kinda ranted about the mini sub but here's how they would be graded when looking at the entire year.

The Fearless Photog: B-
He brought very little to the table, but it was completing a 1980s promise. His gun is cool but there's not much to say about him. There's more questions than answers with him.

Draego-Man: A-
Mattel couldn't cost out Draego-Man so he came out incomplete. Luckily the Weapons pack came to our help...($22 + $18 = $40 to complete Draego... Not cool Mattel) The figure is pretty cool and posing him flying with his flaming weapons makes him look supremely badass. (A second head with his mouth open and spewing flames would have been MEGA Awesome)

Spector: C
The Mary Sue who raids Deadpool's Closet is not a bad figure. (There's lots of ways he could have been made better.) It's just that him being Neitlich's avatar with the godly power of Time Travel hurts the character a lot. Then losing the awesome Whip was a huge sin.

Sir Laser-Lot: C-
I have issues with Specky Wecky, but Sir Loser Lot, I LOATHE... The Design is uninspired. Had he been made in 2014 then we could have had enough parts to make him look better. He kinda looks like Medieval Superman, sponsored by CITGO.

Cy-Chop: D-
For a MOTU Character he fails. For a Microman Character, he works. If he was a giant, then MAYBE he could have worked... He looks very Japanese Kaiju-like.

Castle Grayskullman: B+
King Grayskull's Spirit inhabiting a Golem made out of the Castle with nods to the Castle may not be for Everyone, but his accessories are pretty dang cool. One place where I think that the Horsemen and Mattel missed an opportunity was casting the head and hair in translucent plastic to create a Light Piping effect (as seen on Transformers toys or 200X Tri-Klops) So his eyes and mouth would glow when hit by light.

Well, it looks like I'm all caught up with looking back at MOTUC (yes 2014 will have to wait until I get the remaining figures)

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