May 28, 2022

Top 10 Lines Playmates can do TMNT crossovers with

 I've mocked the laziness of Playmates toys and TMNT for a while. The latest was the TMNT vs SF2 line. So, now I'm going to do a list of 10 lines that Playmates could do a crossover with TMNT and release once again the same four tires turtle bucks.

10: Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters from Beverly Hills
Since Playmates needs a team of 4 to battle their Team of 4, this Power Rangers knock-off is perfect. And let's face it, the reason these sets would actually sell is for the WTF factor and that these are the only official TTAFBH toys.

9: Star Trek
We've had Star Trek Turtles before, but here we'd have the TURTLES MEET Star Trek characters. This also lends itself for a TNG set as well. 2 for one with lines that Playmates has both licenses.

8: The A-Team
Again, 4 characters (Hannibal, Face, BA, and Murdock) facing the Turtles. I'm not going to lie and pretend that it's not about getting a 6 inch A-Team, but it's about getting a 6-inch A-Team.

7: Ghostbusters 
The precedent is the IDW comics, but the only problems would be Hasbro having the GB license and doing 6-inch scale toys.

6: Surf Ninjas
 No, I'm  not doing this to get a 6-inch scaled Ernie Reyes Jr. that could be used as Keno in the Super7 TMNT line, or for a 6-inch scaled GameGear since Figma already has one... I'm  doing this for a Cybernetic Leslie Nielsen as General Chi. But for the 4th slot they can go with either Rob Schneider or Ernie Reyes Sr.

5: Mortal Kombat (Klassic Kontinuity)
I'm talking 2D era of MK. I might suggest:
Scorpion, Liu Kang, Johnny Cage, and Jax as the Kombatants for the sake of mirroring each Turtle:
Scorpion's counterpart is Raph.
Jax's counterpart is Don.
Liu Kang's counterpart is Leonardo.
Johnny Cage's counterpart is Michelangelo.
If successful enough for a wave 2 Raiden and Splinter are obvious matches... as well as Shredder and Shao Kahn.

4: American Gladiators
Basically the TMNT are competing in American Gladiators and instead of their normal TMNT arsenal, they get equipment to compete in American Gladiators.

3: 3 Ninjas
Admit it... you were waiting for me to drop this, back when I mentioned Surf Ninjas. You probably were all "Surf Ninjas!? Nefty, you idiot! You should've chosen 3 Ninjas! The movie advertises itself as a cross between TMNT and Home Alone, this is right up your alley!"
As for the 4 characters: the 3 ninjas and Grandpa would be the line.

2: Final Fight
Since they have worked with Capcom for the 35th SF anniversary and Final Fight was originally a Street Fighter game, so Cody, Haggar, Guy, and Maki.

1: Mighty Mutanimals 
Some Mutanimals have been part of TMNT lore throughout the ages. These Mutanimals should be based on the IDW version of the team... (so should be the Turtles) Hob, Herman, Sally, and Ray would make the cut.

This list was a lot tougher than I thought, mostly trying to get things that wouldn't have issues with rights holders was a pain. The other was choosing opposition that would be round up or down to 4 without ruining the teams.

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