May 19, 2022

Marvel Legends Emissary from Hell Supaidaman

 It's actually happening:
Marvel Legends is making a Japanese Spider-Man 
Well, we're one Spider-Man closer to 
getting 70s American Spider-Man now...

I know that this isn't everyone's cup of tea, but this is a Sentai Spidey that could cross over to another Hasbro line full of Sentai stuff...

Also, Bagman is Finally being made!

I will of course display him with the F4...
Hasbro is also making an Iron Man retro carded War Machine, but I couldn't save the pic. There is a Mojoworld 3 pack with Mojo, Longshot, and Dazzler (retro wave Dazzler with a new head.) Dunno how these will be sold, but I'm guessing Online Exclusives since they seem "too obscure for retail".

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