May 6, 2022

Reimagining modern TMNT characters as Vintage...

 I got to read a couple of IDW TMNT comics and I kinda want to see SOME of their characters/variants. Like the IDW Nobody seems more interesting than the Mirage and 2k3. But the 2 color palette of grey and purple doesn't scream 80s toy. Had this Nobody design been made in the vintage line, I believe a few things would have happened:
-Random color accents. The main body is grey and purple. I suppose some parts on her armor would be painted in bright yellow or red.
-vac metal torso. Her torso armor seems perfect for Vac Metal with some non shiny accents. 
- the exosuit would probably be a bit bulkier than the IDW version, because Vintage-ish style. 

Alopex would be an interesting character to adapt. The 2012 outfit seems like it could work BUT the fox looks a bit too much like Ninjara. So I'm thinking something like IDW body with 2012 outfit, since it looks like some of the late line Mutants (think Scratch, Hotspot, Halfcourt, etc.) Because the White arctic fox look seems cooler than the orange and white look. A part of me wants to use flocking and "realistic fur" for her tail, but they don't mix with a toyline that uses slime... ooze. 

Hun is a tough one, because I like the idea of Hun being Casey's dad, but the IDW Hun is too puny. I like the Giantness of 2K3... but his 2k3 look is too 2003 and not 80s-esque. So, my idea for an 80s Hun is:
Steven Seagal's ponytail and chin with Dolph Lundgren's face, with Schwarzenegger arms on Andre the Giant's body. The clothing would be a punk outfit. Think a more punk-ish Fonz outfit with a sleeveless jacket (maybe add a purple foot clan logo on the back) and torn blue jeans. Bitchin dragon tattoo on each arm. For his hands, I think he should mirror Casey's mismatching glove and bandaged look. I'd love to see this in Eastman's style. 
Thinking in Ultimates style, this kinda captures 2003, and IDW. Maybe adding an extra head with 2k12 Aviator glasses. 
-on accessories, I'd like a pair of fists with Knuckledusters sculpted on (I don't  want removable knuckle dusters.)

While 2K3 is my favorite version of Bishop,  both 2012 and IDW are more toyetic. Think about it. The chest pops out and the little Bishop surprise. Either the Utrom Bishop from 2012 or the Malformed Man-Baby from IDW... But Super7 CAN do something special and deliver MORE than 1 version of Bishop. Adding the Utrom and the Man-Baby that can be put in his torso. Aside the usual bunch of alien weapons, like the Silverhawks, Bishop should have interchangeable arms. (Normal suit arms and battle damaged arms revealing his cyborg nature.) Normal and battle Damaged hands.
3 torso overlays (normal shirt,partial battle damage, fully damaged and revealing the little Bishop surprise.) And obviously the 2 little Bishops. Since he has removable arms, the torso part of his jacket could be swappable between the normal suit from 2012 and IDW and the 2k3 coat. Since TMNT figures have no ab crunch, there isn't much to worry about.) This, might raise Bishop's price a little bit over $55.

Tiger Claw already got an 80s styled treatment. Not sure if official or fan made, but it's out there. The head I would suggest trying to make it as cartoony as Scratch while keeping it Tiger-like.

All I know is that TC can get multiple stuff...
Various heads to show the damage he's gotten.
A removable right arm to switch for the tump claw, and a removable tail. 

Human Jennika would be using elements from Mitsu and Ninja Newscaster April with a few modifications to have a Vintage-ish version of her that can kinda make both the Foot assassin look and have the same outfit as Turtle Jennika.

But that's just me making some noise for some figures.

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