May 23, 2022

Giving TMNT vintage a Plus-up for TMNTU part 3? Toon stuff...

 The Toon sub-line if TMNT is a bit of a harder sell. Especially when NECA has a better "toon line". For the Channel 6 trio, I've tried arguing that for a "toon line" the toys should be "toon accurate" but most would prefer inaccurate designs for the sake of "toy accuracy". With that in mind, I'll  try to reach a Happy Medium.

Let's take Irma as an example:
We know her skirt will have to be cloth for articulation:
Add an extra purple skirt. The sweater she has tied up should be cloth as well, but in light blue and it should fit over the figure after removing her removable backpack... See where I'm getting at? Her default look is Toy based, but she has the parts to be Toon inspired. Add an alternate expression head and a Turtle Terminator head.
The extra hands are obvious. Maybe extra bare arms to facilitate the usage of the blue sweater.

Burne on the other hand is a bit difficult to do.
The bit of Toilet paper on his foot can be a removable piece that plugs into a peg hole on his foot. The Sandwich could be removable or attached to a hand. The area where I'm having issues is his shirt. A cloth shirt would look bad 
MOTUC styled interchangeable overlays could work with interchangeable arms between yellow and blue shirt... oh no... just thought of a crazy idea.  3 sets of arms and 4 overlays:
Toy Yellow sleeved arms, Toon Blue sleeved arms, bare arms. The overlays would be:
Messy toy overlay in toy yellow and toon blue
Neat toon overlay in toy yellow and toon blue.

I know the bare arms are a weird addition, as he's never been shirtless in the toon. The reason I suggested it is one of the overlays (messy) has his belly showing up partially; so I thought why the hell not? 
It works in multiple ways:
-Hostage situation, like say: Pizzaface captured Burne and planned to make pepperoni with his meat and intestines. Or Baxter planned to experiment on him.
-Out of Character moments of badassery, like say: Burne is going Rambo on a bunch of Foot Soldiers. Or he took off his shirt to go Mike Haggar on the Rat King.
-Out of Character funny moments, like say: Burne is drunk as fuck dancing on top of a desk to celebrate his 50th Birthday. (Of course this one is not an official selling point.) Or pair it with a blindfolded Vernon for some kinky Channel 6 fun.

There isn't much to do with Vernon, as he's close to toon accuracy... copying NECA's Blindfolded head and maybe the wererat parts would be an obvious start. Extra Blindfolded April head would be a nifty extra accessory. 

That completes the Channel 6 Trio now let's head on to a different Trio: The Neutrinos

Right out of the bat, they will need clear stands, especially Zak and Dask for their hoverboards. Kala would need a different clear stand since she has anti-gravity boots instead... or Copy NECA and give her a hoverboard instead. Personally, I vote for giving her both the boots and the hoverboard with only the hoverboard requiring a stand.

Dask would need extra head, hands, Turtle Communicator. (As well as his toy accessories)
For his Jetpack, Super7 could mimic ML Nick Fury from ToyBiz and make a stand out of the Jetpack's exhaust fumes. Maybe a third head based on his IDW look

For Zak, second head and hands is a start, Turtle Communicator, a second set of accessories in dark purple as his 1992 release. Maybe a second clear stand for the second board (an alternate solution for Kala and her lack of board) a third IDW inspired head would be nice.

For Kala, extra heads (IDW inspired head as well) and hands are a start. She'd have 5 Turtle Communicators:
Foldable Toy based
Purple repaints of April's 2 Communicators 
And Male Communicators in Michelangelo colors. (Based on her  intage connection with Mikey, it makes sense) 
She could come with a hoverboard or use the extra one from Zak. If she doesn't come with a hoverboard, her anti-grav boots need a clear stand.

Now that the Neutrinos are taken care of, let's move on to the bad guys...

Tonight I'll Plus-up this Vintage repaint:
New second head with Cartoon Accurate Helmet, new Third Oroku Saki Head.
Same hands as original Shredder, but also New hands mimicking the old hands, but with added spikes, gray tunic that mimics his toon look. (Remove it for vintage toy accuracy.) Evil communicator, and an Ooze canister complete the Shredder.

I said Bad Guys so let's go beyond vintage and bring on bad guys:

Same as the Normal Bebop we got, but in a slightly paler color skin, dark purple glasses and hair, yellowish shoulderpads and light silver leg brace and nosering.
Same accessories as Normal Bebop, but adding the Triceraton Gun. All of them in a combination of Silver and light grey. Toss in an Evil Communicator and we're done.

He's a repaint of Rocksteady, but based on the season 1 look, where he had camo pants. Instead of woodland camo, the toon looked more like desert cow camo. Bright Yellow shirt, brown boots and yellowish shells. His helmet should be a yellowish green color with grey goggles.
For accessories he gets the standard Rocksteady accessories and a new Bandolier with a wooden machete. I almost forgot the Evil communicator 

The Bad Guys were easy, but I haven't tackled the heroes...

The Turtles themselves pose a Dilemma. They are too close to the vintage release from a visual perspective and I'm not sure if Super7 will go full toon body for them... so I will do 2 versions:
Full toon version and "Classicized" version.

Full Toon would get a new Toon body with less details on the shell, less veiny limbs and less detailed clothing. Also, to fit with the toon theme, they're all the same shade of green. I know the vintage toys were glittery versions of the toy colors, but in order for them to be "Toon Turtles" the Toon colors help them pop better.

The Fearless Leader gets the toon accessories AND the normal Leonardo katanas in Toon colors. Both the toon swords and katanas should fit on the sheaths on his back. 
 2 heads based on the toy. One normal and one with the eyes popping out. The third head is a serious head based on the toy sculpt. 

At least he's easier than Leonardo. He only needs the Toon Head with a free spinning knot, but he can get 2 more, the serious head and the goofy head with a fixed knot. I'd add the tea cup and plate from his "does machines" coffee maker. There is no real difference between the Toon Bo painted in normal colors from normal Bo to justify 2 sets. (Which would make 8 Bos) but the rest of the toon accessories would be fine.

Oh gosh... Super7 would make a Donatello Coffee Maker diorama and sell it for $55 and I would probably buy it.

He would require 3 heads as well:
Normal, spinning, Serious
3 sets of Sai:
Toon, Original and soft version of Original.
For extra stuff the Pizza slice with the sai hile and the rest of said Pizza on a tray. Of course, he needs the other toon accessories as well.

Mr. Party Dude gets 3 heads, tongue out, tongue in, Determined head. Toon chucks with rope, toon chucks full plastic, toon Chucks with chain.
Twirling chucks (like Panthro), couple of versions of the grappling hook. The one we already got with real rope. One with plastic rope hanging still and a twirling grappling hook. He would also get the rest of his toon accessories.

The difference between Full Toon or Classicized lies in the body. As I said, Full Toon would require 100% new sculpts that would be reused amongst the 4 Turtles with 4 individual belts. Heads and hands would also be brand new.

The Classicized would use the standard body with new cartoon inspired belts... think the normal TMNTU belts but no shoulder straps. In Raph's case no Katar pouch. The buckles would be More Cartoon Inspired with a thicker buckle and engraved Initial. The serious/determined head would be reusing the Original Head.

This one is easy:
Lighter brown rerelease of Splinter with a new toon head. Eliminate the Baby Turtle and replace it with an Ooze canister. Eliminate the plastic kimono and have a cloth kimono with sleeves and use the belt from Shredder.

I'm not to do a "Toon April" despite the line having one, BECAUSE it's OG April in a green outfit.

I will also avoid Movie 3 for now... I would need a lot more Sake to sit through that one...

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