May 25, 2022

Plus-up for the vintage TMNT from 93-94 to Super7's TMNTU... Forgot if this is part 4 or 5.

 In any case, this list might be rather short, sonce 93-94 was mostly variants, and Movie 3 Turtles and I don't want to watch the movie again to get inspired. 

Robotic Rocksteady 
The Prybar won't be a wrist mounted accessory, but a full interchangeable "hand" like Robotic Bebop's Drill. He also gets a battle damaged wrist, like Bebop. A brand new Jetpowered Sledgehammer with removable flame effect. 

Mona Lisa:
2 extra heads, being Toon Head and IDW inspired head (but in vintage colors). Extra hands

An extra head wearing a Keffiyeh (the headdress that T.E. Lawrence wore) a fully painted Magic Carpet shield with a clear stand so it can "hover"...

An in scale NORMAL Basketball and hoop in addition to his shield and Beehive "ball". One hand with a peg on the pointer finger to plug either the beehive or normal ball. His shield sbould match the colors of the other hoop, which kinda explain the whole Halfcourt thing.
An extra head without his tongue out, and an extra head going full Jordan with the tongue.

Extra head and Hands, watter effect that plugs to his hose. (I'd use the pee stream I already own on his review) 

For 1994 we only have Krang's Android body... the other is the Vac Metal foot Soldier, but that's a dumb figure and we already have GITD as a dumb Redeco for the Foot Soldier. Also, I already did Army Builders and how to do repaints redecos of the Foot Soldiers.

So Krang:
The size should be close to Mon*Star. The robotic body should have all the accessories from the small Krang's Android body including the Bubble Walker. I know it feels like a dick move to get another Bubble Walker after paying $55+ for Wave 5's Krang, but the Krang in the Android body should have a different head and different tentacles from the Wave 5 Krang.
Extra head for the Android Body, winged backpack from Turtles in Time. This might put him in the $85-95 range and Super7 should do like they did with the recent Andre the Giant and make Krang's Android body a single figure Wave release.

This one was rather short due to the line focusing on variants over new characters. Especially when most of the variants are dumb.

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