May 7, 2022

Redecos and Mold reuses: a Super7 TMNT rant

 The GITD Foot Soldier looks kinda dumb.

It's literally the same Foot Soldier but with random parts in GITD plastic.

I understand that "Super7 is a smaller company and would have to do some redecos or reuse tooling to recover sone of the tooling costs." But this is a Lazy and uninspired way to do so. Depending on how they designed the molds, Super7 could have a way to make Foot Soldier variants. Looking at the Videogames for *Inspiration* is not a bad thing. I'm not saying straight up do all the video game Foot Ninja variations, BUT using those as inspiration:
For example:
Normal foot soldiers wear purple mask, grey shirt and blue pants.

Variant 1: Foot Shinobi this variant wears slate blue mask grey shirt and teal pants. His weaponry is ninja weapons from the Shredder or Leonardo racks.

Variant 2: Foot "Saboteur" this variant wears a dark Magenta mask, grey shirt and pthalo blue pants. This one would require a new mold for the accessories, but many of them are already designed. It's justthat they need a new mold to put them all together. The kunai and Shuriken from Sewer Samurai Leo, the Foot Soldier Knife, a pair of Katar daggers, brand new Bladed boomerangs, ninja bombs.

Variant 3: Shadow Strike Foot Soldier this variant wears a dark purple (almost black), charcoal grey shirt and dark navy blue pants. The only bright color on this toy should be the yellow eyes. He can have any of the previous variants weapons (normal, variant1, or variant2) and 2 new hands with Ninja Claws, think Vega.

Variant 4: (2k3 tribute) Foot Soldier this variant is painted in 2003 Foot Soldier colors (black maskwith gold eyes, grey shirt with black sleeves, black pants, grey shoes and gloves).
Maybe add a grey cloth tunic and the variant 1 weapons.

Variant 5: Foot Artillery this variant would wear a grey mask, blue shirt, purple pants. By the name of the variant, you can guess what this guy is all about. BLASTERS AND OTHER GUNS. 
the only new tooling would be his accessories. 

Now if we're allowed to reuse some parts and combine them with new parts, I have a possible set of solutions:

By using a new head and arms, we can turn the Foot Soldier into a Foot Assassin.
By using a new head and weapons we could get a Shredder Elite Guard from the Foot Soldier. (I would prefer new arms as well, but for the sake of "consistency and cost cutting"...)

By reusing Casey's biceps and Shredder's forearms (with new forearm armor) and a new set of heads we could have "Foot Brawlers" aka more Mirage-like foot Soldiers. (These would be of course in Foot Soldier colors, but with sleeveless tunics) Mirage repaints could be con exclusive.

Or, if Super7 wants to be "lazy and uninspired" they could once a year rerelease the vanilla foot soldier on its own so people can army build. I'm simply trying to give the Foot Soldier a little spide other than: "It glows in the dark." 
As much as I criticized the LJN Mumm-Ra Teaser, that's kind of a step in the right direction.

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