May 3, 2022

Who am I? You sure you want to know?

 The story of my life is not for the faint of heart. If somebody said it was a happy little tale... if somebody told you I was just your average ordinary guy, not a care in the world... somebody lied... 20 years ago many of us heard that phrase on the big screen... in the 70s we saw Superman fly. In 1989 we saw the tragedy of Thomas and Martha Wayne... but May 3, 2002 (or in my case May 2) I cried like a baby when...

Uncle Ben dies. Hell, I cried more than Peter did. I watched Spider-Man recently and Uncle Ben's death hit me a lot harder for obvious reasons. As I think of it right now, I'm crying...

A lot of the effects have aged horribly, but the movie does something that the modern Superhero movies haven't done: capture the silver age era feel and make it believable. There is some corniness that is somewhat endearing. It doesn't go too far into super campy 90s movie mode... Before anyone mentions the Play that Funky Soul scene from Spider-Man 3. I'm talking Spider-Man... and we don't talk about 3 no no no... nor it goes too far into the pointless edginess of a mediocre director

Like a lot of past media there are things that haven't aged well, but we shouldn't try to impose 2022 values to something made in 2002. 
Yes, the Bonesaw outfit gay joke did not age well, but at the same time wrestling IS KINDA GAY... I mean, it's 2 or more well oiled, muscular scantly clad men who try to assert dominance over each other on a giant 4 post bed by groping and rubbing each other.

So within the context of an outsider who is not a wrestling aficionado, the taunt makes sense. 

I'm not saying it's right, but that it *makes sense for Peter to use it*.

We must remember that Peter is a nerd, who is not a fan of jocks, but with his powers he thought he could make easy money on Amateur Wrestling. With the mask on and with his powers, he's able to be cocky against the Pinnacle of Jock Culture and Toxic Masculinity, wrestling. Seriously, if you say "wrestling is a bit gay" to a wrestling fan, they might go Fresh Cuck on you. He was trying to rile Bonesaw up and making him lose focus. Which is part of Spidey style combat. 

People still hate Organic webbing, the Power Ranger Outfir for Green Goblin, which No Way Home fixed with the Hoodie. Kirsten Dunst as the Sensational Screaming  GwemJ. 
If it wasn't for this movie, X-Men, and (unfortunately) Batman Begins, we wouldn't have the MCU and the horribly beaten beyond death horse known as the DCEU. 

In hindsight it's not a perfect movie. It still remains enjoyable... (2 is better, but I'll rant about it in 2 years)... I honestly can't believe that Mom skipped work to watch the matinee with me and my brother... Mom hated going to the movies due to personal reasons. Not sure if my conception has anything to do with that. I owe my existence to Bubo the Owl. I digress. While Superhero movies have existed, it was the early 2000s that proved that they COULD BE GOOD.

Holy Shit! Spider-Man is 20 years old...

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