May 1, 2022

Odds and ends May 1st 2022

 Seems like we MIGHT get a follow-up to Kevin Smith's bastardization of He-Man... 

Mark Hamill, former Jedi Master and a cock knocker, tweeted about voicing Lich joker Skeletor. Honestly, I'm curious if it'll be a new take on this:

I'm keeping my expectations low because 3 things:
-Netflix trying to force "diversity" for the sake of fulfilling quotas... while NOT using the existing diverse characters.
-I don't want to see a He-Man show without He-Man.
-Kevin Smith doesn't get He-Man and lately he hasn't been as good as he used to be.

Remember when John Marston, Charles, and Uncle (and his Lumbago) built a house together in Red Dead Redemption 2? Well, one RDR fan is Building the Marston Residence for real. I only hope that they're not following Marston's methods, because the way he built his house is impossible... but at least the song is nice.

You know the whole Trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard? I've been a bit out of it, because of reasons... If I've not paid much attention, then why am I commenting? Well, apparently, Amber Heard shat on Johnny Depp's bed.

Whether Amber herd took the shit herself, or had someone else shit for her, there are far too many levels of messed up to take a dump on someone's bed!!

I mean, I kinda expected it from the bald ho... but not Amber Heard... OK I lied... Amber Heard is messed up enough to ship a bed...

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